Lock Rekey Chevy Chase, MD

Lock Rekey Chevy Chase

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After they lost their keys while on a weekend trip, a homeowner in Chevy Chase, MD, called MacArthur Locks & Doors to provide lock rekey service for all the locks in their house. We dispatched our locksmith to their address right away to inspect the locks. There were two sets of locks (a combination of a cylinder door knob and a deadbolt lock) on their front and back doors. After an hour, our locksmith finished rekeying all the locks. The homeowner was satisfied with our prompt service and response and had committed to using our service again for his future locksmith needs.

What Does Lock Rekey Mean?

Replacing an old lock with a new one is self-explanatory, but rekeying a lock requires more explanation. When you rekey a lock, you are essentially changing the operational key without having to replace the entire lock. In other words, the same lock stays in place, but the old key will not work anymore. It is done by disassembling the lock and replacing internal components like tumblers or "key pins." When you replace the key pins in your lock, you are essentially creating a new key that will now operate the lock. Even though it seems difficult, it is a simple process that, with the correct equipment, should only take a few minutes.

If you need to get your lock rekeyed, you will need to provide the locksmith with the current matching key. Otherwise, the only way to rekey the lock is by picking it open, which can be more expensive than replacing it altogether.

Lock Rekey Does Not Increase Security

Although lock rekey does not increase the door's security, the number of pins within the lock is one important factor in determining its overall security. As long as the locksmith replaces old pins with new ones, the lock will remain as secure as before. If you want to boost security, your best option is to upgrade to new, higher-security locks.

Lock Rekey Is Useful if You Have Multiple Locks

Rekeying is the process of matching more than one lock to the same key. It can be useful when you want to retire an old key or have multiple locks with different keys and want to use just one key for all of them. Remember that the locks must be from the same brand or have similar keyhole designs to rekey them so that they all work with the same key. If your current key only works with one of the locks, the keyholes, also known as keyways, on the two locks are dissimilar and cannot be matched.

When Should You Rekey Your Locks?

The following are some of the most typical reasons to call a locksmith to rekey your locks:

You misplaced your keys

Losing your keys can be a major security breach for your home. Rekeying your locks as soon as you lose your keys is crucial for keeping your house secure. Rekeying will prevent anyone who finds your keys from being able to access your home. Additionally, if your keychain contains personal information, rekeying your locks will protect you from identity theft. Keep your family safe by ensuring you have new, rekeyed locks in your home.

Acquiring a New Home

If you are moving to a previously owned home, it is always a good idea to have the locks rekeyed. That way, you can be sure that only people you trust have access to your new home. Having the locks rekeyed ensures that only you and your family members have keys to the house. It will give you peace of mind and help keep your home safe.

Enhancing Household Security

There are many benefits to rekeying your locks, especially if you have lived in your house for a long time or recently purchased a pre-owned house. Older locks can become worn down and easier to break into, but by rekeying them, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of successful tampering. It is an excellent way to improve home security and peace of mind.

Rekey Locks Near Me

If you live in the DMV area and need a locksmith, look no further than MacArthur Locks & Doors. Our experienced and licensed locksmiths can help you with all your lock needs, whether it be replacing locks, lock rekey, or finding the best solution for your specific case. Quality work is our top priority, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands with us. To learn more about MacArthur Locks & Doors services, visit our website or give us a call today at (202) 760-4589.

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