Door Lock Installation SW Washington

Door Lock Installation SW Washington

Project Description

A client from SW Washington, DC, who wanted to upgrade to a sturdy door lock, called us at MacArthur Locks & Doors for a door lock installation service. They wanted to reinforce their front door as the neighborhood had reported several theft incidents lately. We had a service team nearby, so they arrived at the location in a few hours. After inspecting the door, our locksmith explained to the client that a regular cylinder door knob alone could not ensure the safety and security of their home. Choosing from our available stocks of high-grade door locks, the homeowner decided on a heavy-duty, jimmy-proof deadbolt lock for their door. We scheduled the door lock installation for the following day. The installation job only took two hours to complete. The client thanked us for our prompt and excellent residential locksmith service.

It is no secret that burglaries are a major problem today. While home security has improved dramatically in recent years, burglars still find ways into homes and apartments. One of the practical and cheapest ways to prevent break-ins is to reinforce your door by installing an additional rim deadlock to your existing front door lock. 

What Is a Rim Lock?

Rim locks, considered the first locking mechanism, have been in use since the Middle Ages. They are typically found in historic buildings and fitted to the doors' surface. Rim deadlocks are still one of the most secure types of door locks you can install on your property.

Box and rim deadlocks are the perfect fit for doors that need extra protection, such as glass and wooden doors. In addition, they are suitable if your door is not thick enough to accommodate an internal locking mechanism. But you can also use them on thicker doors for aesthetic reasons. We at MacArthur Locks & Doors provide a wide selection of rim locks, latches, and matching knobs in various colors and finishes.

How Do Rim Locks Work?

A classic rim lock is made to be installed on the side of the door that opens inward. It consists of a straightforward latch and a deadbolt lock. The lock may be unlocked from both sides of the door and operated by a key. An escutcheon conceals the keyhole on the opposite side of the door. A door knob with a mortise and rim opens the latch. 

Unfortunately, roses are loose on these knobs. While the knob on the opposite side of the door still has its rose, the door knob fastened onto the lock has had its rose removed.

What Is Rim Lock Used For?

As Auxiliary Locks

The outside of the door panel has a rim lock fitted. The user needs to insert their respective keys to enable the mechanism and open it from the outside. The lock mechanism is positioned on the inner face of the door for increased security. To open the door from the inside, one can use the latch or lever included with the system.

As Indoor Locks

The hardware for the rim lock is mounted on one side of the door, as was already indicated. Unfortunately, the lock's face is on the opposite side of the door panel. Because of this, you cannot install it into the main door's interior.

You can place the locks on bedroom, bathroom, or laundry room doors to complete the sleek appearance. These will provide you with the required privacy in the specific rooms since you don't need much internal security.

How Secure Are Rim Locks?

A rim lock set might not be the greatest option if you want the best, most durable, and most secure door lock. However, as previously said, most individuals prefer to have these on their home's interior doors because of their affordable prices. 

Locksmith Services Near Me

At MacArthur Locks & Doors, we offer reliable locksmith service in the DC and DMV areas. Backed by years of experience, we have a team of highly qualified residential locksmiths trained to handle common lock and door issues such as door lock installation and lock repairs.

For anyone looking to increase the protection and level of privacy of their home, rim deadlocks on doors with existing locks are an easy option. Call (202) 760-4589 immediately if you want more information about our locksmith services.

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