Deadbolt Lock Repair Falls Church

Deadbolt Lock Repair Falls Church

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A homeowner from Falls Church, VA, called MacArthur Locks & Doors for a deadbolt lock repair in their rented apartment. They complained about their front door lock beginning to stick and being hard to operate. We immediately dispatched our service technician to their location to check what was causing the problem. Upon inspection, they noted that the strike plate was out of alignment, and there was a buildup of dirt and grime inside the lock cylinder, causing a sticking deadbolt. We start by removing the dirt buildup and lubing the lock cylinder with dry Teflon lube spray. We also lubricated the bolt mechanism and secured the strike plate by tightening all the screws. In less than an hour, we got the deadbolt lock operating smoothly again. The couple was pleased and satisfied with how our team quickly and professionally resolved the issue.

One of your home's most crucial security measures is the deadbolt lock. Maintaining it in good functioning order is necessary since it serves as the first line of defense against intruders. But how can you tell when your deadbolt lock needs to be repaired or replaced? 

When to Repair and When to Replace Your Deadbolt Lock

There are a few factors to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace your deadbolt lock. When was the lock installed? Is it beginning to show signs of wear and tear? Do you find it challenging to lock or unlock it? It might be time for a replacement if you indicated yes to any of these questions.

However, you need not replace the deadbolt lock altogether in some instances. For example, if the warranty is still valid, it is probably ideal to call for repair service from a reputable locksmith professional like MacArthur Locks & Doors. Consider also the expense of repair or replacement. The most crucial factor is how secure the current lock is. It is probably time for a new one if your home security is at stake.

Door Latch Is Sticking

Your door lock may start to "stick" after a while, making it challenging to insert, spin, or remove your key. This happens when debris such as dust, filth, grime, and other deposits clogs the internal mechanisms that regulate the lock's movement. Sticky locks may be very annoying, and you probably do not want to deal with them when you get home after a long day. To fix your sticking deadbolt lock, give your door lock a dose of Teflon lubrication spray to get it moving freely once again. It only takes five minutes.

Locking Cylinder Is Loose

Only the key should turn and engage the lock when you insert it into your lock. The lock is not operating correctly if the key and cylinder move together. Likewise, your door will not lock if your cylinder is loose. If you fail to take care of this issue, you can overlook securing your door, leaving your house vulnerable to intruders.

A system malfunction can cause the cylinder to loosen. For example, the cylinder's mounting screws could be broken or loose. Unfortunately, there is not a simple resolution for this problem. Deadbolts contain intricate locking mechanisms that need to be handled carefully. So, to prevent future harm to the lock, hire a local locksmith repair service instead of troubleshooting it yourself.

Door Lock Is Jammed or Frozen

Does inserting a key cause your door lock to freeze? Do you find it difficult to turn the key inside the deadbolt? If you need to leave your house quickly, jammed or seized locks can be a nightmare. A jammed or frozen lock may happen for the following reasons:

• Poor upkeep, causing dirt to build up inside the locking mechanism.
• Metal pieces inside the cylinder jam due to a lack of lubrication.
• Defective door latches or locks

With proper maintenance, you can help prevent frozen locks. To remove accumulated dirt and debris, you must get your locks cleaned by a professional. Meanwhile, you should clean your external locks more often if you reside in a dusty area. Remember to lubricate the lock throughout the operation. And if you have a broken lock, you must fix it immediately. Finally, avoid yanking the lock open with force, as this could harm the key.

The Importance of Proper Maintenance

The best approach to maintaining door locks is to frequently clean, lubricate, and service them. The type of lock being used and the severity of usage determines how often it needs to be serviced. As a homeowner, you should understand how vital it is to maintain your door locks properly and decide when to repair or replace your deadbolt lock.

Deadbolt Lock Repair Service from Macarthur Locks & Doors

Have any of these door lock issues ever occurred to you? Then, get in touch with a licensed locksmith from MacArthur Locks & Doors for residential lock repairs! We are your locksmith and door company in Washington, DC. When you need a deadbolt lock repair or encounter any issues with your door lock, our professional locksmiths are always ready to rescue you. So the next time you are unsure whether you need a replacement or a deadbolt repair, do not hesitate to call us for assistance.

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