Door Lock Replacement Washington, DC

Door Lock Replacement Washington

Project Description

A client in SE Washington, DC, called us to fix a broken handleset on their double entry doors. They dealt with the rusted-up parts and old lock mechanisms for years by oiling and cleaning the pieces. Unfortunately, one of the handlesets ultimately broke. The handlesets were too worn from years of wear and tear. We explained that their only option was a door lock replacement. Our locksmith guided them through picking the right handlesets for their home and budget. The client decided on a double-sided handle lockset with Julienne knobs, which we installed the next day. Now, they do not have to worry about faulty door locks anymore!

Door locks are a basic but important element of home security. When these devices might wear or get damaged, however, they can compromise the overall integrity of your home security system. One way to protect your property is to get sturdy door locks and a durable handleset. In addition to providing security and safety, a new door lock can be attractive and blend in with the rest of your interior. 

Why Consider a Door Lock Replacement in Your Home

You Have Broken Door Locks

It is important to keep your locks in working order. As locks age, they can become damaged and difficult to use. Sometimes, the locking mechanism can become so damaged that the key gets stuck or will not turn. When this happens, replacing the entire lock is the best solution.

If You Lost Your Keys

It does not matter whether your keys have been misplaced or stolen; you must replace your locks as soon as possible. Smart locks are a great home security upgrade for anyone who has left or lost their door keys. These locks are an ideal door lock replacement for any home, with designs that will complement the property's aesthetics.

Break-in at Your Home

After a break-in, your priority should be changing your locks, as they often sustain damage during burglaries. A burglar may also take your keys with them so they can get back in after they leave. That is why it is important to change the locks immediately after a break-in to protect your safety in the future.

Move into a New Home

New homeowners need to think about changing the locks right away. It can be done after the closing, but it might be better to do it before. When you change the locks out before you move into the house, only you have keys to open the doors. There is no chance of someone else having a key to your home.

Renovating Your Home

Do you have old door locks that are decades old? These locks may lack features, or they may not match the recent renovations you have made. It may be the chance for you to upgrade these locks.

Door Lock Replacement Near Me

Installing a door lock can be an affordable way to protect your home. A quality lock will keep out intruders and prevent burglaries, but it is important to choose the right one for your security needs. 

Do your door locks need to be replaced? Why not change your locks with our locksmith experts? MacArthur Locks & Doors is your one-stop shop for all things related to doors and locks. We offer various lock options, including deadbolts, barrel locks, and smart locks, each designed for different kinds of doors and situations. So no matter what type of door lock system you need, we can help install them! From residential locksmith to commercial locksmith services, we have you covered! Call us right now to learn more about our products and services!

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