Commercial Door Lock Washington, DC

Commercial Door Lock Washington

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A restaurant owner in NW Washington, DC, called us for a commercial door lock repair. One of their exit devices was emitting a short beep every minute or so. We sent a commercial locksmith out to check out the issue. As it turned out, the interior parts of the exit alarm had dirt build-up. Also, some screws had become loose over time, and the battery was already failing. So first, we cleaned the device's interior using compressed air to fix the issue. Then, we replaced the old battery with a 9V battery-powered one. Finally, we secured all the screws and ensured their panic bar worked as we did the operational testing. Before leaving, we reminded them to regularly clean and lubricate the hardware to prevent this minor issue from happening again. With our reliable same-day service, the client left a positive rating for MacArthur Locks & Doors.

Ensuring your building is up to code in terms of exit hardware is important for your staff and customers' safety. In an emergency, people must be able to quickly and easily get out of the building. Exit devices, also known as panic, crash, or push bars, provide a quick and easy way out. Local fire departments and building codes require the installation of these devices.

Types of Panic Bars for Commercial Doors

Panic bars come in a few different types. While they all perform similar functions, they provide different options based on your exit doors.

Horizontal panic bars

These are panic bars that extend horizontally across the width of the door. When someone pushes them, they snap into the strike plate and open the door.

Vertical rod panic bars

These panic bars look the same as horizontal bars. In addition, the bottom and top of the door's locking mechanisms are unlocked when pushed. That makes the door more sturdy and enables a smooth swing out of the building.

Concealed vertical rod bars

Concealed vertical rod bars work well for aluminum doors. Because aluminum doors are lightweight, forcing them open in an emergency is simple.

Concealed bars

Rods that pass through the hollow frame body support the concealed bars. This design deters criminals from using the doors as entrances.

Panic bar levers

These panic bars are placed outside the doors. They serve as a means of backup entrance, enabling rescuers to open the door and enter. Besides, these levers can be secured with keys or passwords to prevent theft.

How to Strengthen Building Safety

Alone, a panic bar cannot guarantee safety. But when used in conjunction with other tools, like door alarms and access panels, it can be quite effective.

For instance, door alarms notify people when the panic bar has been activated. They contain internal switches that set off when the bar is pressed. In places like hospitals, the alarm volume of the device can be changed so it does not bother patients.

Adding emergency signs to your doors can help first responders during a fire incident. The signs should indicate that the panic bar will trigger an alarm, and the door should be painted bright to be visible from a distance.

Regular evacuation drills are also important. Rehearse using the panic bars and exit the building. Notify the authorities in advance and get their consent to run the drills.

Commercial Door Lock Repair Near Me

When your commercial door lock is not working, it can impact the safety of your business and employees. You may have a lock that is not functioning properly and not realize it until there is an issue. 

MacArthur Locks & Doors is a professional DC locksmith service provider in the DMV area. We offer essential commercial services, including commercial locks, door hardware repair, and door security upgrades. We proudly offer these and more to our clients at competitive pricing. Call us today to get a quote.

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