Door Frame Replacement NW Washington

Door Frame Replacement NW

Project Description

MacArthur Locks & Doors got a call for door frame replacement from a landlord in NW Washington, DC. They owned a vacant rental property on the block; someone had broken into it by kicking in the front door. The striker plate had been driven out of the frame, and a good-sized piece of the door jamb had split off. We stepped in at the client's request and replaced the door frame with a thicker door frame with a more robust strike plate and longer screws and bolts for a stronger hold. The client was satisfied that the frame was sturdier than before.

Door security is an essential consideration for any home or business. Various door security products are available on the market, ranging from simple deadbolts and reinforced strike plates to more advanced electronic locks. When choosing a door security system, it is essential to consider your specific needs and budget.

What is a Strike Plate?

A strike plate, commonly called a 'strike,' is a metal plate connected to the door frame to tighten the latch on the lockset or deadbolt. Strike plates come in various shapes and sizes—door knob and deadbolt designs, complete mortise domestic and commercial grade, and beveled and non-beveled. Any mechanical locking system, such as door knob or deadbolt, must include these to be secure.

When strengthening a deadbolt strike plate, three factors should be considered: the type of strike plate, the type of screws used, and the type of wall anchors used.

Always consider the type of strike plate appropriately; full-lip and lip-less striking plates are the primary varieties. Lip-less strike plates only have a lip on the top and bottom, as opposed to full-lip strike plates, which have a lip that wraps around the entire edge of the plate. Full-lip strike plates are better for strengthening a lock because they are more difficult to pry open.

The type of screws used is the next factor to consider. Most strike plates come with screws that are not particularly strong. They are typically constructed of soft metal, such as brass or aluminum, that is simple to strip off. On the other hand, hardened steel screws are much more robust and less likely to strip out. Therefore, they are the best choice for reinforcing a deadbolt strike plate.

The kind of wall anchors utilized is the final factor. The strike plate is fastened to the wall with wall anchors. The toggle bolt is the most typical style of wall anchor. However, toggle bolts are not very strong and can easily be pulled out of the wall, even when properly installed.

The concrete screw is the sort of wall anchor that is the strongest. Concrete screws can be screwed straight into concrete and are made of hardened steel. Therefore, they are the ideal choice for a lock strike plate reinforcement.

For the safety of your home, a lock strike plate needs to be reinforced. Your choice of the strike plate, screws, and wall anchors can significantly impact the strength of your lock. Use the most robust materials to make your lock as sturdy as possible.

Door Jamb and Door Frame

Your door security may depend on reinforced door jambs and sturdy door frames. The door jamb is one particular component of the door frame. It helps keep the remainder of the frame square and solid while supporting the door's weight. On one side of the door, hinges are fastened to the jamb. On the other side, the bolt goes through the door jamb. The sill, head, and door jambs are a few of the parts that make up the door frame. 

If you know how to reinforce a door and see that it is not a challenging task requiring in-depth knowledge or much expensive effort, you can feel safer in your home in just a few easy steps. Call a door expert if you do not feel confident doing this. They can provide you with a secured door at highly affordable costs. 

Door Frame Replacement Near Me

Retail establishments, office buildings, apartment complexes, and homes can benefit from professional locksmith services. At MacArthur Locks & Doors, we offer various door and lock services, including door frame repair, door frame replacement, door installation, and maintenance services. We offer dependable services to homeowners and property owners across the greater Washington, DC, area. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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