Door Lock Installation Arlington VA

Door Lock Installation Arlington VA

Project Description

MacArthur Locks & Doors recently upgraded the security of a home in Arlington, VA, with a new door lock installation tailored to meet the client’s needs for security and style. We suggested a combination of a keyed door knob and a single cylinder deadbolt because we knew how important it was to provide robust security for their exterior door. With this combo, known for its reliable security features, our locksmith aimed to provide peace of mind without compromising style.

Scope of the Door Lock Installation

Here is an overview of how we ensure a seamless door lock installation process from start to finish:

Lock Selection

After talking about the client’s security needs and style options, we helped them pick out the perfect lock set.

Door Preparation

With great care, our locksmith prepared the door, ensuring it was clean and ready for the new hardware. We removed the existing lock system, checked the door for any damage, and made necessary adjustments to the door frame.

Installation of the New Lock

Then, we replaced the old locks with a new keyed door knob and deadbolt in polished brass finish and fitted them in the door. We checked for perfect alignment of all parts to ensure trouble-free operation and increased safety.

Lock Testing and Final Adjustments

Once installed, we tested the lock multiple times from both inside and outside to ensure it worked with the key and had no issues. We made fine adjustments to guarantee the lock’s optimal performance.

Lock Maintenance Briefing

Our locksmith shared some helpful tips to keep the lock in tip-top shape, such as giving it a good cleaning and a little lubrication now and then.

Client Feedback on New Locks

The clients were very content with the new door lock installation. They liked the speed and efficiency of MacArthur Locks & Doors’ work, as well as the added security features. Another big plus was that the locks went well with their home's style, making them feel safe and stylish at the same time. In their positive reviews, they noted that changing out door locks not only made their door safer but also made it look better.

Secure Your Home With Dual Locks on Your Exterior Door

Have you ever thought about how safe your exterior door really is? In Arlington, VA, where protecting your family and home is very important, getting new door locks could give you peace of mind. A sensible and effective way to make your home safer is to install two locks, like a keyed door knob and a single cylinder deadbolt. This powerful combo not only keeps potential thieves away but also makes the common entry point safer.

Why settle for old security when you can get full safety with just a lock change? If you hire a residential locksmith to install your door locks, you can be confident that they will work inside out. Adding a knob and a deadbolt to your exterior doors can really up your home security game. No more unwanted entries for you. These locks make Arlington homes safer, give your doorways a new look, and make them easier to use.

Residential Locksmith Near Me

Wondering if your home in Arlington, VA, is as secure as it should be? Why not ensure your peace of mind with a professional door lock installation from MacArthur Locks & Doors? Our experienced residential locksmiths are ready to help you choose and install the best locks for your home, enhancing your security and comfort. Do not wait until it is too late. Call us today, and let us help you feel safe and secure in your own home. Why risk it? At MacArthur Locks & Doors, your safety is our priority!

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