Panic Bar Repair NW Washington

Panic Bar Repair NW Washington

Project Description

MacArthur Locks & Doors recently completed a critical panic bar repair project for a commercial space in NW Washington, DC. The client experienced a significant locking issue with the panic bar on their storefront glass door. This issue has raised serious safety concerns for both staff and customers. Our locksmith fixed the problem right away, making sure that getting in and out was easy and safe, especially in an emergency.

Scope of the Panic Bar Repair

Our commercial locksmith addressed the issues in the following steps:

Panic Hardware Inspection and Findings

Upon arrival, our locksmith team went on with a thorough inspection of the panic hardware. We noted several issues:

  • Damage and Wear

The safety bar and door frame showed clear signs of use from heavy foot traffic. There were scratches, dents, and loosened parts that compromised the functionality of the panic bar.

  • Improper Door Closure

With constant use, it resulted in a visible gap between the door and the frame. This misalignment hindered the panic bar from latching correctly.

Lock Assessment and Preparation

We carefully assessed the extent of damage to the panic bar and door frame. Then, we got all the tools and replacement parts we would need to ensure a thorough repair.

Push Bar Repair

First, we removed the panic bar from the door to inspect the internal mechanisms. After that, we replaced any faulty or worn-out components, including springs, latches, and end caps. Then, we installed new, long-lasting parts to make the panic bar work again.

Panic Bar Realignment and Adjustments

To eliminate the gap, we adjusted the door frame and ensured proper alignment. Then, we put the panic bar back in place, ensuring it was secure and in proper alignment with the door.

Panic Bar Testing and Final Inspection

Our team put the panic bar through a lot of tests to make sure it worked well and without fail. We also checked if the door closed as intended and if the panic bar latched correctly this time. To ensure optimal performance and safety, we made final adjustments and testing.

Client Feedback on Panic Bar Repair

Our locksmith did a great job, and the client was beyond pleased with the result. They were grateful that both their customers and employees could now use the door safely and quickly.

The Crucial Role of Panic Bars

Have you ever thought about what would happen if your storefront glass door did not have a panic bar that worked? Panic bars are essential for businesses, especially in bustling areas like NW Washington, DC. They allow for quick and safe exits without having to fiddle with knobs or levers, which is crucial in an emergency. When it is time to make a quick exit, a panic bar is there to save the day, ensuring a swift and safe escape for all.

Picture this: a fire starts raging, or a security threat pops up in your business. With a working panic bar, employees and customers can easily push their way out, preventing crowding and panic. Regular maintenance and prompt push bar repair are vital to ensuring that this life-saving device does not fail when you most need it. Do not wait for an incident to remind you of the importance of your panic bar’s upkeep.

Commercial Locksmith Near Me

Is your panic bar hardware good enough? At MacArthur Locks & Doors, we fix panic bars and all types of commercial locks on your door, making sure your NW Washington, DC, business is safe and up to code. Do not wait until there is a problem to find out that your entry or exit doors are stuck or do not work right. Get in touch with our professional business locksmiths right away for quick and reliable locksmith services. Call us today so you can rest easy knowing that your locks and doors are in expert hands.


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