Commercial Locksmith Services Arlington, VA

Commercial Locksmith Services Arlington, VA

Project Description

MacArthur Locks & Doors received a request from a business in Arlington, VA. They needed a more reliable deadbolt lock for their aluminum door. Our commercial locksmith provided the ideal high-security deadbolt for the job. After an on-site consultation, we figured out that a strong hook steel bolt was the best option for their needs. So we recommended this Prime-Line’s lock with a pivoting laminated hook-shaped steel bolt. As expected, the client was delighted with the product and service provided by our expert team. With new safety measures put in place, our client now feels more secure. They are also satisfied to have access to the best security solutions on the market.

Deadbolt locks with hook bolts are the perfect choice for businesses wanting extra protection from unwanted visitors. This type of lock works on both inward- and outward-swinging doors, so you get two options in one. It also has two keys for each side of the door, allowing both protection and convenience. Deadbolt locks have a robust latch that helps keep out burglars who try to force their way in. They are tough enough to resist drilling and prying so that you can stay secure. This secure locking system gives businesses unbeatable protection without sacrificing convenience or performance. When installed correctly, it can provide peace of mind 24/7. 

Advantages of Commercial Deadbolt Locks with Hook Bolt

The unmatched benefits of hook bolt commercial deadbolt locks include the following:

Strength: Commercial deadbolt locks with hook bolts are stronger than most traditional lock styles. That makes them perfect for properties that require a higher level of security.

Superior protection: Hook bolts on locks make doors harder to break into. Their serrated claws dig into the door frame upon activation, making them harder to force open. That offers better drill resistance.

Added convenience: Enjoy peace of mind and convenience from this dual-key system. With two keys, it enables you to secure and open the door in any emergency. Make sure you never get caught off guard by having both of these keys at your disposal.

Durable material: This commercial-grade lock is made from strong, dependable materials that have proved their reliability and strength. That gives you the confidence that your property is secure with this quality system.

Aesthetics: Deadbolts come in different colors and styles, so you can make your property look both secure and attractive.

Easy installation: Upgrading locks is easy and convenient – just have a professional or DIY expert install them correctly.

Applications of Commercial Deadbolt Locks with Hook Bolt

Businesses of all types recognize the unmatched security that deadbolt locks with hook bolts provide. Whether it is your office, warehouse, store, or even your home, these door locks serve as a reliable barrier against potential intruders. Invest in superior protection and enjoy the extra layer of security that only deadbolts with hook bolts can offer.

Maintenance Requirements for This Type of Lock

Ensure that your deadbolt locks with hook bolts remain operational with proper maintenance. There are three essential steps in proper maintenance: lubrication, cleaning, and testing.


For lubricating the bolts, use a silicon-based spray specifically designed for door hardware twice a year. That will protect them from corrosion and reduce friction. Remember that deadbolts should not be lubricated too frequently, as too many coatings may hamper performance.


To keep your lock in top condition, clean it regularly. Use a dry cloth to remove debris around the bolt area before oiling both sides if needed. Regularly remove dirt and dust buildup from its surface every month. That will ensure smooth operation without any sticking or jamming.


Give your deadbolt locks a test drive every week. Make sure its screws are securely fastened at all times. Furthermore, identify any wear and tear that may occur over time due to deterioration from extreme temperatures, rainwater exposure, etc.

Commercial Locksmith VA

Are your locks not providing the level of security you need? For secure commercial door locks you can trust, look no further than MacArthur Locks & Doors. We are the premier commercial locksmiths in the Arlington, VA, area. With our licensed locksmiths and top-of-the-line tools, we can provide fast and reliable lock repairs, rekeying, installation, and other security solutions for your business. You can trust our dedicated team of emergency locksmiths to provide unparalleled service – 7 days a week. On top of that, MacArthur Locks & Doors offers reliable commercial locksmith services at competitive prices, guaranteed. Get a free quote today and see our commitment to customer satisfaction firsthand.

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