Commercial Door Repair Washington, DC

Commercial Door Repair Washington

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MacArthur Locks & Doors recently received a call from a food shop in the Northwest Washington, DC, area. They reported that the door closer on their storefront door was faulty. That caused a lot of inconvenience to their customers. The business owner did not want to compromise the shop's security, hence the service request. Being the area's trusted provider of commercial door repair services, we arrived at the site in no time.

Our expert technician quickly identified the door's issue with its closer. The closer's arm was bent out of shape, causing it to malfunction and preventing the door from closing properly. This issue made the customers frustrated by waiting for the door to close all the way. Our technician promptly replaced the faulty door closer with a new, high-quality one from our inventory and adjusted it to ensure the door closed smoothly and securely. We also checked the door's hinges, latch, and other components to ensure they functioned correctly. The client was extremely satisfied with our service and expressed gratitude for our prompt response and professional repair work.

Have you been having issues with your commercial doors lately? If you do, you may agree nothing is worse than dealing with a faulty door closer. It can make it very difficult for you and your customers to come in and out of the store. Unfortunately, business owners do not always know how to fix all the issues that come their way. That is why we outlined the most common issues involving door closers. A better understanding lets you handle the problem without worrying, saving you money and time.

What are the common problems with commercial door closers?

Several common problems can occur with commercial door closers. Some of these include:

Misaligned door

When the door is not aligned correctly with the frame or floor, it can result in improper functioning of the door closer. That can cause the door to close too slowly or quickly or even prevent it from closing.

Malfunctioning arm or spring

The arm and spring mechanism of the door closer can become worn or damaged over time, leading to issues with the door's operation. That can cause the door to close too quickly or too slowly or even slam shut unexpectedly.

Leaking oil

Door closers contain hydraulic fluid that helps regulate the speed and force of the door's closing. If this fluid leaks out, the door closer may not function properly or fail altogether.

Loose mounting hardware

Over time, the screws and bolts that hold the door closer in place can become loose. That can cause the door closer to rattle or vibrate when the door is opened or closed or even cause it to detach from the door or frame.

Excessive wear and tear

Commercial doors and door closers are subjected to much use and abuse. That can cause them to wear out more quickly than residential doors and hardware. Regular maintenance and repair can help extend the lifespan of commercial door closers and ensure they function properly.

If you cannot identify or repair the issue, or if the door closer is too complex to repair on your own, contact a professional door closer technician. They can diagnose and repair the problem quickly and safely, minimizing downtime and ensuring that the door closer is functioning properly. Hence, investing in quality door closers can benefit your business in the long run. 

Commercial Door Repair Washington, DC

Do you need a new commercial door installed, a damaged door repaired, or a lock replaced? Count on MacArthur Locks & Doors for fast, reliable, and professional service. We offer essential commercial door services to businesses throughout the DMV area. So no matter the type of commercial door services you need, know we have you covered. 

We have an experienced team of experts to install new doors, repair and replace damaged ones, and maintain your doors for optimal performance. We also offer commercial locksmith services to ensure the security of your business, including lock installation, repair, and rekeying. Contact us today to ask for free estimates.

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