Commercial Door Repair Washington, DC

Project Description

MacArthur Locks & Doors completed a commercial door repair project in Washington, DC. The job was to fix and restore a commercial door’s panic hardware. One of their emergency exit doors failed to work smoothly during an inspection, so they immediately called for help. Our door technician found that the panic hardware had been through a lot of wear and tear over the years. That caused the springs to fail and break.

We got the parts ready and started the repair process, carefully removing the old springs and putting the new ones in place. Also, we tried the panic hardware carefully to ensure it would work well in emergencies and during regular use. The newly installed panic hardware springs restored the doors to optimal functionality. The client was happy with how we quickly fixed the problem.

Panic hardware plays a key part in evacuations and emergency response protocols. However, panic hardware can have issues and break down like any mechanical system. By recognizing these issues, you can maintain a safe business space.

Common Issues with Panic Hardware

Wear and Tear

Frequent use of panic hardware can wear down moving parts, such as bars, latches, and springs. That can cause the device to work less efficiently, making it hard to open or close correctly.


Improper panic hardware installation or door misalignment can cause the device to bind or jam. As a result, it might hinder smooth operation during an emergency.

Broken Components

Any damaged components, such as bars, latches, strikes, or dogging mechanisms, can make it hard for the panic hardware to work as it should.

Dogging Issues

Many panic alarms have a “dogging” feature that keeps the bar depressed so people can keep getting out. If the dogging system does not work or the setup is wrong, the device may not work as intended.

Inadequate Maintenance

In the end, a lack of regular maintenance and lubrication can lead to issues with panic hardware. Dirt, debris, or rust build-up can make it less functional.

Improper Installation

Panic hardware installation must follow all the instructions from the maker or adhere to the local building codes. If not, the device might not work well or might not work at all.

Fire-Rated Concerns

Fire-rated doors can have panic hardware on them. However, these doors can be less fire-resistant if the device does not match their fire rating or is not installed correctly.

Electrified Panic Hardware Issues

Electrified panic hardware may fail for some reason. Issues with the power source, wires, or electrical parts can cause emergency exit and access control systems to stop working.

False Alarms

Panic hardware can give off false alarms if not properly used or maintained. For example, the device could go off accidentally if handled roughly or not used properly.

Corrosion and Weather Exposure

Panic hardware installed in outdoor or harsh environments can experience corrosion or damage. That is often because of too much exposure to weather elements.

Choose the Right Repair and Maintenance Service Provider

If you own a business, find the right repair and maintenance service for your commercial doors. These doors are not only important for protection, but they also help a building function and look better. A reliable service company will ensure these doors stay in good shape. That reduces the risk of expensive breaks and improves the speed of operations. So make the right choice. Hire those that can stay true to their commitment to excellence, make a good impression on clients, and create a safe, welcoming space.

Commercial Door Repair Washington, DC

Are you a business owner in the DMV area looking for top-notch commercial door installation, repair, and maintenance services? Look no further than MacArthur Locks & Doors! We offer essential services to businesses, including lock repair, panic hardware installation, and more. Do not compromise on the security and functionality of your commercial space. Contact MacArthur Locks & Doors at (202) 760-4589 today to learn more about our great services, and let us help your business stay safe and running well!

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