fire-rated door is generally a fire-resistant one that helps to protect life and property during a fire situation in residential or commercial buildings. Though fire-resistant technology is mainly used in commercial door, it also has become common for residential properties. Did you know that Fire Departments in the U.S. respond to a fire every 24 seconds? That explains why many business and residential property nowadays owners prefer fire-rated doors. Fire doors present many benefits, and it is generally a good idea to have them, especially when important properties are at risk. Here is all you need to know about fire-rated doors. 

What Is a Fire-Rated Door?

In simple words, a door or rolling shutter made of fire-resistant materials is called a fire-rated door. The door structure, frame, siding, and insulation will also be made using fire-resistant materials for complete protection.

Generally, these types of doors are made using metal, steel, timber, gypsum, glass, or vermiculite boards. They can withstand fire for a few hours more than ordinary materials. That means your property and valuables will be safe until the fire department arrives for help. 

What Are the Benefits of Fire-Rated Doors?

There are two significant advantages of using a fire-rated door. Primarily, it gives sufficient time for the occupants to leave the place safely. Secondly, it can vastly reduce the damage caused to the property. Furthermore, a fire-rated door slows down the emission of smoke and toxic gases during a fire situation. 

Apart from fire-related situations, a fire-rated door can ensure better protection and safety for the building. Since it is strong, it can also save the property from burglary attempts, harsh weather, and more. 

The Types of Fire-Rated Doors

As mentioned above, there are different types of fire-rated doors. They can be classified according to the material used, fire ratings, and features. 

Classification based on material

Since modern fire-rated doors come in a combination of materials, you can choose the material for a fire-rated door from your preference and budget. The major types are discussed below. 

Vermiculite boards 

This type is a hydrous phyllosilicate mineral with excellent insulation and soundproofing qualities. The significant quality of vermiculite is that it can retain moisture. When a fire emergency occurs, this moisture transforms to steam, thus cooling the door and its frame. Therefore, it can delay the spread of fire. 

Metal doors 

Steel and aluminum are two common materials used for metal doors. While safety is the reason for using metal doors, they can also protect against fire. Aluminum doors are commonly preferred for external doors as it is lightweight and provides a modern look. Steel doors also make a good option when you need a fire-rated door, given their strength and durability. 

Fire-rated door made of glass

Glass doors are ideal for giving a stylish and sleek look to a property. Adding fire-rated glazing to the glass doors makes it possible to improve their fire-resistant quality. However, though it ensures a bold and aesthetic look, glass can explode when the temperature rises too high. 

Wooden doors

There is a common misconception that wood is not ideal for fire-rated doors. On the contrary, wooden doors can give essential protection from fire given extra material protection.  

Classification based on fire ratings

Fire resistance tests and ratings are used to determine the safety level of the fire-rated doors. The ratings evaluate the durability of the material during a fire. It also helps to understand whether the occupants get enough time to evacuate the space in a fire emergency. There are three rating levels – A, B, and C, classified depending on the duration it can withstand the fire. Class A provides the highest level of fire security, while Grade C is the lowest. 

Classification of fire-rated door based on style

Like any other entry/exit door, fire-rated doors are also available in various designs. The commonly-used styles in fire-rated doors include shutters, swing doors, sliding fire-rated doors, guillotine fire-rated doors, and more. A company that provides fire-rated door installation services can help you choose the right door for your property.   

Do You Need a Fire-Rated Door?

Fire-rated doors are necessary for commercial and industrial buildings to ensure the safety of people and property. Having one fire-rated door for residential properties is ideal. It allows one to escape from the building when a fire emergency occurs. With proper installation and regular maintenance, a fire-rated door will last for many years while ensuring better protection. 

Door Installation Near Me

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