Commercial Door Repair Washington, DC

Commercial Door Repair Washington, DC

Project Description

The administrator of this worship place in Washington, DC, approached MacArthur Locks & Doors with an issue they were having with their entryway. The hall’s manual sliding doors were getting harder and harder to open and close. That made things inconvenient for their regular members and mass attendees. The faulty sliding door became a matter of concern for the client because it could compromise the security of the premises. So, we quickly sent a team of skilled technicians to resolve the problem.

After a careful look, we found the culprits causing the issue—old rollers and a track out of alignment. Our experts removed the broken rollers and put high-quality, long-lasting ones in their place. We also adjusted and repositioned the track to make the sliding smooth and easy. We also fully evaluated the sliding door system to find any other possible problems and fix them before they worsened. The client was satisfied with how things turned out, and we were happy to have given them a reliable commercial door repair service.

Manual commercial sliding doors have been used for a long time in various industries. From retail stores and hospitals to hotels and offices, they will elevate your facility’s style and function in one go. That is why they are a great option for a wide range of commercial applications.

The Parts and Mechanism of Manual Commercial Sliding Doors

Door panels

The door panels are large, flat panels that make up the main part of the sliding door. They are usually made of materials like glass, aluminum, or steel. The size and number of panels can vary based on the door’s design and function.

Tracks system

The track system provides guidance and support for the door panels to slide open and closed. It typically has a top and bottom track securely attached to the floor and the structure above the door.


Rollers are connected to the top or bottom edge of the door panels and move along the track system. They allow the door panels to open and close easily and smoothly. Rollers are usually made of strong materials like nylon or steel and are made to hold the weight of the door panels.


Handles are used to grip and pull the door panels when opening or closing the sliding doors. They are usually mounted on the leading edge of the door panels and may be designed as recessed pulls or protruding handles for easier operation.

Locking mechanism

Manual sliding doors often have a locking mechanism when they are closed. Depending on the design and protection needs, this can include various options, such as surface-mounted locks, flush bolts, or cylinder locks.

The Advantages of Manual Commercial Sliding Doors


Most of the time, manual sliding doors are cheaper to install and maintain than automatic sliding doors. They do not need complicated motors, sensors, or power sources. That means they cost less upfront and less over time.

Easy operation

These doors are designed for smooth and effortless manual operation. They feature lightweight materials, such as aluminum frames and tempered glass panels, which make sliding them open or closed easy for users. No heavy lifting is required. You can simply open them with a gentle push or pull. 

Reliable operation

Manual sliding doors have a straightforward mechanical design, which makes them highly reliable. There are no motors or electrical parts that could break, so there is less chance of unexpected downtime. That can be especially helpful in places where the power goes out often or when there is a need for continuous operation.

Easy maintenance

Compared to their automated versions, these doors have fewer parts, making upkeep and repairs easier and cheaper. All it takes is some cleaning, lubrication, and regular checks on the tracks and rollers. That is easy to do without any special tools.

Your Trusted Partner for Commercial Door Repair Washington, DC

Is your commercial door giving you trouble? Do not wait for it to break down completely and jeopardize your safety. At MacArthur Locks & Doors, we provide top-notch commercial door repair services throughout Washington, DC, and the surrounding areas. With our years of expertise as commercial door installers, we ensure that your business stays secure and operates smoothly.

Do not let a faulty door hinder your business operations or compromise security. Call MacArthur Locks & Doors today at (202) 760-4589 for pricing and availability. Our team of commercial door technicians is ready to help and provide a personalized solution tailored to your needs.

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