Commercial Door Repair Arlington, VA

Commercial Door Repair Arlington, VA

Project Description

MacArthur Locks & Doors was called to fix the issues related to the concealed door closers installed on a commercial property in Arlington, VA. The existing door closer had become unreliable, causing inconvenience, safety issues, and security risks to the establishment. We suggested switching to an overhead door closer as they provide better control and reliability in terms of closing speed and force.

Upon their approval, our technicians fitted the new overhead door closer with perfect precision. Then, we checked if the new closer was secured and aligned. We also ran rigorous tests to ensure that the doors operated seamlessly, closed at a consistent speed, and kept people safe. Switching from concealed door closer to this overhead type made a huge difference in how well and reliably the doors worked. On top of that, the client liked the added safety features and how easy it was to maintain.

Commercial door closers are a very important part of making buildings safer. These mechanical devices are made to close doors automatically after opening. They have several key benefits that make a building safer and more efficient. It is important to know that door closers come in different types. Each type has different benefits depending on what the building needs. Among the most popular types of door closers are overhead and concealed.

Overhead Door Closers vs. Concealed Door Closers

Overhead and concealed door closers are both types of mechanisms used to control the closing and latching of doors. Still, they differ in terms of their installation, visibility, and aesthetic appeal. Let us compare and contrast them:


Overhead door closers: These are placed on the door and frame, usually on the side of the door that you pull open. They have a body that links the door to the frame with an arm or a slide rail.

Concealed door closers: These closers are built into the door or its frame, so they are not visible.


Overhead door closers: These handy devices are mounted on the door’s surface. So whether the door is open or closed, you can see them in action. They often have a visible arm or slide rail.

Concealed door closers: As the name suggests, concealed closers are hidden from view. They offer a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing appearance since the mechanism is concealed within the door or frame.


Overhead door closers: With their visible arms or slide rails, these closers may not always look good. They can change the door’s appearance and may be better for industrial or commercial applications.

Concealed door closers: The idea behind concealed closers is to make the door look smooth and clean. They make the setting look better, so they are popular in high-end homes and businesses where appearance is important.

Door operation

Overhead door closers: Most of the time, these closers let you change the speed at which they close and latch. They are good for doors that require closing slowly and carefully, like exterior doors or doors in high-traffic places.

Concealed door closers: Most concealed closers are spring-loaded, and their adjustment options may be less flexible than those of overhead closers. They are often used on interior doors where the way the door closes is not as important.

Maintenance and repairs

Overhead door closers: Since overhead closers are exposed, they are usually easy to access and keep up. Repairs or adjustments can be made without significant door disassembly.

Concealed door closers: Since concealed closers are hidden within the door or frame, concealed closers can be hard to get to and maintain. You might need to remove parts of the door or frame to keep them in good shape. 

Consult With Professionals for Personalized Advice 

Getting help from the pros is key when searching for the right commercial door closer. When you talk to professionals, you can be sure that the advice you get is accurate and fits your unique commercial door needs. They understand all the different types, how to set them up, and what standard practices are. They will consider the building’s needs and how often people use the doors. All these, together with security, are taken into account so you get the best commercial door closer repair solution.

Commercial Door Repair Near Me

If you are looking for experienced professionals to fit your new commercial doors with the perfect door closer, look no further. MacArthur Locks & Doors is one of the reputable commercial door contractors in Arlington, VA. We are experts at fixing and replacing door closers, so your commercial doors will work smoothly and efficiently. If you need reliable and professional commercial door services, do not hesitate to ask experts for personalized information on commercial door closers. Call us today to ask about prices and availability.

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