Commercial Door Repair McLean, VA

Commercial Door Repair McLean, VA

Project Description

A business in McLean, VA, needed a more secure storefront door, so they called us at MacArthur Locks & Doors to modify it. As the establishment's location was susceptible to break-ins and thefts, the client wanted to enhance the security of their outswing aluminum glass door. Upon checking, we found that the door lacked protection against forced entry. A perfect solution was to install it with a high-quality latch guard plate to protect the space between the door frame and the door itself. We installed this Prime-Line latch shield in under thirty minutes. With this upgrade, burglars would have a harder time accessing the door through forced entry.

The problem with commercial door security issues is that they keep coming back to haunt the owners. Businesses are constantly busy, and one of the most important things for them to do is ensure they have the most secure doors. Establishments with swinging doors, in particular, should note the importance of latch guards in their daily operations. Let us look at what you may not know about door latch guards and why they are important for your business.

What Is a Latch Guard?

Latch guards play an important role in protecting commercial doors from forced entry. Made of metal, they are installed over the weak points of the door, such as on the edge of the door frame, to cover the strike plate on the door frame. These products protect the latch and strike plate from being forced out.

At first glance, these metal plates do not seem to do much to increase security. However, when installed correctly, a full-length metal plate can cover the entire weak side of the door, from top to bottom. Likewise, additional add-on options like a wrap-around plate can further enhance your security needs.

Why Do You Need One?

Latch guards provide extra protection for your door by making it more difficult for a burglar to pick your lock. They cover the space where the lock's bolt is, making it much harder to slip any tool through. On the other hand, locks without a latch guard can wear down sooner and are more likely to get bypassed, increasing the risk of lock tampering. 

Installing a latch guard would effectively prevent anyone from being able to pry or manipulate the door. Another option would be to install an outswing door security bar. This hardware would prevent the door from opening more than a few inches, even if the latch was compromised.

Types of Commercial Door Where You Can Install a Latch Guard

Outswing Doors

The latches of outswing doors are easy targets for burglars. Therefore, latch guards are most commonly installed on these doors since they can be placed on the outside of the door. 

Inswing Doors

Latch guards for inward-swinging doors typically have two main parts: a U-channel installed at the door's facade and a protector plate installed within the frame.

Glass Doors

Most storefront doors have a large gap between the door and door frame, leaving the latch or bolt exposed. That is especially true for storefront doors with a mortise deadlatch. A security latch guard has a cutout to fit the cylinder of a mortise deadlatch, mortise deadbolt, or mortise hook bolt.

Commercial Door Repair Near Me

No matter how much protection your commercial door locks offer, reinforcing them with a door latch guard is always a good idea. This inexpensive hardware can help you avoid falling victim to break-ins. If you want a latch guard on your commercial doors, MacArthur Locks & Doors can help you. 

We are a trusted source for all your commercial door repair needs in the DMV area. We have the tools and know-how to help you—whether you need a standard lock, a new commercial door, or even a complete security system. In addition, our commercial locksmiths install latch guards on different types of commercial doors. Call us today at (202) 760-4589 to request a free quote on latch guard installation.

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