Commercial doors are not only the first point of contact for any business. They are also an essential factor in keeping your business safe. A strong commercial door ensures that your employees and customers remain safe while inside and working. Commercial doors may be made of different materials, but they are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and last for a long time. Fortunately, there are ways to strengthen a commercial door with the help of a commercial door locksmith. Read on to learn more!

Install Your Commercial Door With the Right Type of Lock

Commercial locks come in many forms. From high-security lock cylinders to smart electronic lock systems, choosing the right commercial door lock for your needs is not an easy feat for non-experts. Here is where the services of a commercial locksmith come in handy.

Your commercial door will be more secure if you install it with the right lock. For enhanced protection, do not substitute commercial-grade locks with residential hardware only to save on costs. Remember, commercial-grade locks are sturdier than those used in residential applications and offer better resistance to break-ins and burglary.

Commercial locks are graded higher based on rigid testing processes defined by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Grade 1 and Grade 2 are the two most common grades for commercial locks: Grade 1 being the strongest and most durable and Grade 2 being medium-duty locks.

Ideally, you should know the type of lock before your commercial door installation. For example, suppose your business is located in a high-traffic area, or your door needs increased security. Then, installing your exterior door with Grade 1 locks is recommended. Meanwhile, Grade 2 locks on exterior doors will suffice if your area has a low crime rate.

Strengthen Your Commercial Door With Security Hardware

Another way to strengthen your door further is by reinforcing it with door security hardware. This hardware may be a spin collar, a latch protector, or a strike plate. Each piece of hardware is installed on the door to prevent latches from being tampered with. They also help to protect the door against kicking during a forced entry.

Without added security features, a commercial door can be pried open by using a screwdriver. Another attempt is using a PVC card, pushing back the latch through the gap between the frame and the door. Doors with more secured locks like a deadbolt are much more difficult to open.

Latch Guard

Latch guards are metal plates installed on the exterior side of the door to cover the gap and the visible latch and prevent it from being pushed. Since they are exposed to the elements, the best latch guards are those thick and corrosion-resistant. The latch guard you select should be suitable for the lockset and door you have.

Spin or Torque Collar

Spin collars are hardened protective collars installed around the exterior face of a cam lock or mortise lock to protect it against wrenching or clamping. They deter intruders from twisting the mortise lock because it spins freely and is impossible to get hold of.

Strike Plate

Strike plates are reinforced (or elongated) metal plates installed on doors of wood or other vulnerable materials. It is recommended that you mount the strike plate using screws at least 3 inches long so that the screws go all the way through the door frame into the house’s framing. That will make the door stronger and harder for intruders to kick in.

Commercial Door Installation Near Me

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