Commercial Door Repair Bethesda, MD

Commercial Door Repair Bethesda, MD

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This business in Bethesda, MD, was worried about the lack of security at their premises. They noticed the panic exit device on the back door was not working due to years of use, so they called around for emergency service. They found MacArthur Locks & Doors online and booked a service appointment for the next day. We responded promptly to the client's service request and sent a team of experienced technicians to assess the problem. Upon inspection, we found that the panic exit device on the commercial door was indeed old and unreliable, posing a safety risk to the building's occupants. We recommended replacing it with a newer, more secure model, providing better protection in an emergency. Our technicians also tested the door to ensure it met all safety standards and regulations. Overall, the commercial door repair was a success, and the client was left with a safer and more secure commercial door. 

Commercial properties must have working exit devices because they are essential for ensuring the safety of the building's occupants in case of an emergency, such as a fire or other hazardous event. Without working exit devices, commercial properties may be in violation of building codes, putting the safety of occupants at risk and potentially exposing property owners to legal liabilities. Therefore, it is essential for commercial properties to have functioning exit devices installed and regularly maintained for the safety of occupants and compliance with building codes and regulations.

Why Do Commercial Doors Have Panic Bars?

Commercial doors have exit devices, also known as panic hardware or push bars, for several reasons related to safety and security. Here are a few key reasons:

Emergency egress: Panic bars are designed to allow quick and easy exit from a building in an emergency. They can be pushed to open the door with minimal effort, even in high stress or panic. That is important for ensuring the safety of the building's occupants in case of a fire, earthquake, or other emergency.

Code compliance: Many building codes and fire safety regulations require the installation of panic bars on commercial doors to ensure that they meet minimum standards for emergency egress. Violating these can result in fines or other penalties and potential legal liability in an emergency.

Security: Panic bars can also be used as a security measure to prevent unauthorized entry into a building. They can be locked from the outside to prevent access while allowing easy exit from the inside in an emergency.

Accessibility: Panic bars can make commercial doors more accessible for people with disabilities or mobility impairments. They can be designed to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other accessibility standards, providing a safer and more convenient way to enter and exit a building.

How Does a Panic Bar Work?

A panic bar is a mechanical device installed on a commercial door to provide a quick and easy means of emergency egress. When someone pushes on the panic bar, it activates a mechanism that releases the latch or lock on the door. The door can then be pushed open with minimal effort.

Panic bars are designed to work regardless of the direction the door swings, making it easy to exit the building from either side of the door. Some panic bars may also be equipped with alarms or other safety features, such as an audible alarm that sounds when the bar is pushed or a notification system that alerts authorities in an emergency.

Commercial Door Repair Bethesda, MD

At MacArthur Locks & Doors, we are dedicated to helping businesses stay safe and secure. Our team of experienced technicians specializes in installing and repairing exit devices on commercial doors, ensuring that your building meets safety standards and regulations. If you need door repair or installation services in Bethesda, MD, please contact us. Our goal is to provide you with an experience that is as stress-free and convenient as possible, which is why we offer flexible scheduling options and competitive pricing. Request a quote or schedule a service appointment today and see why we are a trusted choice for businesses throughout the DMV area.

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