Exit devices are one of the most important safety measures you will need for your business. When used in conjunction with other high-tech security devices, exit devices can have a major impact on the safety and efficiency of the workplace. Many choices are available, with some more fitting to specific locations and types of doors than others. Read on to learn more about the reasons that exit devices are so important to businesses.

What Are Exit Devices For?

Exit devices are specialized security components that help commercial providers enhance the protection of their facilities. The purpose of an exit device is to allow people to leave the premises. There are four main types: push bars, slide gates, swing gates, and revolving doors. The type you choose for your building depends on its size, the traffic flow required, and the operating speed you want.

Swing exit door

What Importance Do Exit Devices Play for Your Business?

Easy egress during emergencies

Exit devices let people quickly and efficiently leave the building in case of a fire, flood, or security issue. Without an easy-to-open mechanism, evacuating can take a long time, and there is an increased chance of injury. A panic bar, for instance, is an invaluable tool for those who need immediate access. They are spring-loaded and very easy to open. In addition, their lightweight material makes reaching and pushing the bar open exceptionally easy for people with mobility issues.

Increased security

Exit devices do not just make it easier to get out of the building in an emergency: they also prevent unauthorized entry. While these devices are standard security features, they can be set up with an alarm system and smart door locks so that people must be authorized to open them. That is a simple way to keep unwanted guests — such as thieves — from entering your property.

Affordable security measures

Exit devices boast several advantages – one of the greatest being their cost-effectiveness. Panic bars, for instance, are typically in the range of $100-$300 per exit bar – providing an economical way to increase security in commercial buildings. When you are ready to purchase, consult a door installation Washington DC expert who can help you secure the best deal.

Which Exit Device Type Is Best for Your Business?

To find out, you need to consider these factors:

Door Type and Material

Decide whether you want a single or double-door exit. You can fit the exit device into both, but you must decide whether you want a mullion (vertical bar) separating each, which will cut the opening in half. Aluminum, hollow metal, and wood doors can all have any exit device installed.

panic bar installed on a double-door exit

Noise Control

When selecting an appropriate exit device for your building, one key factor to consider is noise management. For example, a motorized exit device might not be the best choice depending on how much control over the sound is required in your building. For example, a motorized exit device might not be ideal when sound control is paramount.

Emergency Protection

You may want a fire-rated exit device installed on your doors in an emergency. However, keep in mind that the door must also be fire-rated. Expect that non-fire-rated devices are less costly, but they are not as effective as fire-resistant ones.

Why Hire a Door Installation Service to Install Exit Devices?

When it comes to safety, you cannot put a price on it. So, investing in an exit bar is a wise decision for any commercial building. When you have finally decided to have one for your business, you should hire a professional like MacArthur Locks & Doors to install your exit device. We can install anything you need, from fire doors to panic bars, and we install them right the first time.

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