Commercial Door Repair Alexandria, VA

Commercial Door Repair Alexandria, VA

Project Description

MacArthur Locks & Doors solved the latch plate misalignment issues on panic doors at a client's facility in Alexandria, VA. The latch plates had gradually become misaligned, which made them harder to use and unsafe. So our skilled techs inspected all the panic doors in the building to gauge their condition. It turned out that the wear and tear caused the misalignment, which was made worse by the constant use and heavy foot traffic.  

We looked at the latch plate mechanisms on every door and adjusted them back into place. We also fixed broken parts and reinforced weak spots. And to ensure everything met all safety standards and regulations, we did a lot of testing and quality checks. The facility's management was very happy with how this commercial door repair job turned out. They said the panic doors are now safer and much better than before.

Panic doors, or emergency exit doors, play a key role in making sure people are safe in an emergency. These doors help people get out of buildings quickly and easily, particularly in crowded or high-occupancy areas. Be careful, though, as these doors can sometimes jam - their latches can become misaligned. When they do, it may leave you stuck and vulnerable in a dangerous situation.

What causes panic door latches to misalign?

Misaligned panic door latches happen when the latch mechanism fails to connect or disconnect correctly with the strike plate or closing mechanism. That can happen for several reasons, such as normal wear and tear and poor fitting. Too much force on the door or structural shifts in the building over time may also cause the latch to misalign. Whatever the cause is, the consequences of a misaligned panic door latch can be severe.

What are the dangers of misaligned panic door latches?

When a panic door latch is misaligned, it may not hold the door shut or stop unauthorized entry. That can lead to security risks like people entering restricted areas without permission or attackers getting in during emergencies. Also, a panic door with a misaligned latch can make it hard for people to open it and leave in an emergency, risking their safety. Aside from security and safety issues, misaligned panic door latches can cost more to maintain and fix. Misalignment can cause constant strain on the latch, leading to the mechanism to wear out too quickly. That will cause the panic door to break down more often. As a result, building owners or site managers may have to spend more time and money on repair and maintenance work.

How to prevent panic door latches from misaligning?

Misalignment problems can be less likely if the item is installed correctly. Always check if the panic doors are installed correctly by following the manufacturer's guidelines and using the right hardware. Test the panic door system often to make sure it works well. Open and close the door a few times to see if the latch works right and does not cause any difficulty or misalignment.

To prevent damage or misalignment, have the panic door latches inspected regularly. Ask your maintenance staff to use a lubricant on the panic door's latch and other inner workings. That helps reduce friction and ensures the doors and their locks run smoothly, reducing the chance of misalignment. In case any other issue is found, address it promptly. Consider contacting a professional locksmith or door technician to evaluate and fix problems.

Commercial Door Repair Alexandria VA

Do not let a faulty door get in the way of your commercial space! MacArthur Locks & Doors is a premier door repair company serving Alexandria, VA, and nearby cities. Whether it is a malfunctioning door closer, a damaged hinge, or a faulty lock, our skilled technicians can promptly diagnose and fix any door-related issue. We specialize in panic hardware repair and replacement, ensuring your business complies with safety regulations. With our experienced door repair experts and top-of-the-line products, you can relax knowing your security needs are met. Call us today to ask about prices and availability.

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