Door Lock Repair Washington, DC

Door Lock Repair Washington, DC

Project Description

A residential owner in Washington, DC, called MacArthur Locks & Doors requesting a door lock repair. Their mortise lock door handle would not go down or move at all. We supposed that the internal door gearbox had likely failed. After removing the faceplate, we confirmed the gearbox in the central part of the 2-point door locking mechanism was broken. That was why the lock on their front door turned inoperable. Our locksmith got to work immediately, removing and replacing the damaged gearbox with a compatible one. After attaching it to the strike plate and top and bottom rod extensions, we secured it back to the main door. Our client was pleased with how swiftly and effectively our residential locksmith installed their new gearbox.

The multipoint door lock system is one of the most common types of locks taking over homes in the DMV area. Although these locks provide a level of security, they also have some problems that need attention. Good thing there is the help of DC locksmith experts who are knowledgeable in these kinds of locks.

What Is a Multipoint Locking System?

Mortise door locks that use more than one point are called multipoint door locks (or multiple-point locking systems, MLS). They offer extra security because they make it harder for someone to break into a home through the door.

Do you want to learn more about multipoint locks or need help troubleshooting an issue? Our lock experts provide everything you need to know about these locking systems, including how to identify and fix common problems.

What Are the Issues With Multi Point Locking Systems?

Misaligned Gearbox

Misalignment in gearboxes is a common problem in lever locks, especially on doors with no adjustable hooks or rollers. That can cause the lock to stick and be unable to unlock, even when the lever is tapped. So to prevent this from happening, it is important to ensure that your gearbox is perfectly aligned (not misaligned by more than 0.1 mm). This alignment can be checked using a dial indicator or micrometer.

Jammed Door

It is frustrating when you are trying to leave, and the door will not open. Or when you come home, and it will not close behind you. There are some things that could be happening. 

One possible reason why your door is not opening or properly closing is that your latch or deadbolt is sticking in your door frame. That can be caused by misalignment due to wear and tear or damage to your lock cylinder.

A door jam can happen anytime when this is the case. In addition, the key may jam without breaking the lock, making the door ineffective and increasing security risks. Meanwhile, the locking mechanism may have fully broken if you have problems turning the key in the lock or if the key gets stuck.

To fix this problem, check that all handles are locked and then activate the central locking button. Doing so should release the top shoot bolt and allow you to open the door.

Drooping Door Handle

Handles that are drooping can be concerning, especially on doors with a multipoint locking system. That may be a sign that the system has seen too much wear and tear, and the cam has also become worn down. Unfortunately, this problem with the locking system will continue to develop until the lock stops working altogether.

Door Lock Repair Near Me

Are you having trouble with your multipoint locking system? Not sure how to fix it? MacArthur Locks and Doors are experts at handling all sorts of door and lock situations. We have a wide range of services for all your lock and door needs. From simple lock repairs to complex master key systems, we are here to help. Our team of local DC locksmiths is trained to handle any situation—whether you need replacements and repairs to lockout services, we can do it all! We are proud to be the local locksmith in the neighborhood, so do not hesitate to call us when you need reliable service.

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