Commercial Locksmith Service

Our mission at MacArthur Locks and Doors is simple: to provide high-quality services for our valued customers.

In Need of a Commercial Locksmith?

At MacArthur Locks and Doors we have a team of professionally qualified and efficient locksmith and door technicians that have an ample amount of experience, in handling various lock, door and key-related issues to commercial establishments. No matter where you are located in the DMV area we are able to provide professional services for you. The task of our locksmith and door team doesn’t just end at advising the client on coping with security issues, it goes on until the entire security system of your commercial undertaking is set according to your needs and budget.

We provide a variety of standard locksmith and door services to our commercial clients. The most notable of which are door repairs/replacements, door closer replacements, lock change and rekeying of security systems in offices, warehouses and any other areas that require upgraded security and safety. We cover everything from a simple lock change to double door replacements. Nowadays, a number of clients want to adopt keyless lock and security systems in their commercial establishments in order to make their safety standards more robust and efficient. Our team of locksmiths are always ready to help out such clients in need.

Why To Choose Us

Maintaining your business organization and the safety of the workers is the biggest challenge that commercial undertakings face these days. Let us help you by adding more security to your door, installing new locks if you just opened a new business, re keying your locks or if you just simply need to repair anything on your doors or locks.

MacArthur Locks and Doors has come up with unique and highly efficient commercial Locksmith and Door services which are specially designed for business organizations. We are considered the best commercial locksmith in DC and Door specialists in the area because we truly understand the various needs of business organizations.

No matter what your organization needs such as a simple key replication, lock replacement or door installation, at MacArthur Locks and Doors we offer everything that your business requires.

High Security Locks

Master Key Systems

Keypad and Alarm Locks

Panic Bar RepairInstallation

Hinge RepairInstallation

Lock Rekeying & Installation

Safe Cracking

Fresh Installation

Broken Key Extraction

And More!

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Most Requested Services

Locks Change

Whether you’re buying a house, changing tenants, or just need to take control of who has keys, we can take care of you in no time.


The mechanical locking mechanism is changed to ensure that previous keys will no longer work. The lock is then reset to open with a completely different key.

High Security

The locks are sent to authorized locksmiths without any pins. These are added later on when they are sold to the customers.

Electronic Locks

Technology is a great convenience Electronic locks, or smart locks are a business owner’s best friend on those days.

Other Services


We offer a wide range of commercial solutions. Our team is equipped with the latest tools to secure your commercial building. 


Call us anytime and we will send our nearest technician to your home to assist you with your home security needs. 


We have a team of locksmiths who specialize in automotive and can easily work on all kinds of vehicles.


We are available everyday to assist with any type of door when you’re most in need. Give us a call today!

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