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Project Description

A Chevy Chase, MD client contacted MacArthur Locks & Doors because their old door knob was malfunctioning and becoming a security risk. The knob stuck over time, making it unreliable and hard to use. When we got the service call, we sent help to the client’s house right away. Our residential locksmith looked at the broken door knob, suggested a good door knob replacement, and replaced it skillfully without doing any harm. We told them how to take care of the knob so that it would last longer. The client was glad with how fast we responded and for doing a good job. It made them feel at ease, and they told us they would strongly suggest our door lock service.

Door knobs are daily unsung heroes. We turn its knob multiple times daily. That means we trust it to provide access to our homes and protect our loved ones, memories, and things. Door knobs offer convenience and security. A smooth knob allows seamless transitions between locations, while a sticky one might cause everyday aggravation. Door knob replacement or upgrading these doorway guardians is not as easy as it seems. You would not want an amateur guarding a prize, so you need professionals to install your door knobs securely and easily.

The Anatomy of a Door Knob

1. Knob or Handle: The part we grip and turn. Its main role is to allow users to open or close the door comfortably.

2. Spindle: A rod that connects both knobs through the door. Once you turn the knob, the spindle rotates and activates the latch.

3. Latch: A spring-loaded mechanism that keeps the door closed. When you turn the knob, the latch retracts, allowing the door to open.

4. Rose: The decorative plate behind the knob or handle. It serves not only an aesthetic purpose but also covers the assembly’s working parts.

5. Strike Plate: Fixed to the door frame, it is where the latch catches to keep the door closed. Its role is vital for the door’s security and proper closure.

6. Lock Cylinder (in locking knobs): The part containing the pin tumbler mechanism works in tandem with a key to lock or unlock the door.

7. Keyway: The slot where the key is inserted in locking knobs. It is designed to fit specific key shapes.

Why You Need a Door Knob Replacement

Age and Constant Use: Door knobs can wear out over time like any frequently used item. If your knob has seen many years and countless turns, it might not be as reliable as it once was.

Difficulty Turning or Sticking: A knob that is hard to turn or often gets stuck is more than a hassle. It could be a sign of internal damage or misalignment, making it hard to get in and out of places.

Loose Knobs and Frequent Jamming: If your door knob wiggles or feels unstable or frequently jams, these are clear signs that something’s amiss. A secure door knob should feel firm and operate smoothly.

Rust or Visible Damage: Corrosion or other visible signs of wear not only makes the knob look terrible. It can also make it less useful and less safe.

Upgrade for Better Security: It can be concerning if your door knob does not have the latest safety features. Also, if door protection has changed since the last time you installed a door, you should take note. With these things in mind, it may be time to update for the best security.

Door Knob Replacement Near Me

Are there signs of wear on your door knob? Or does it not have current safety features? Do not wait for a minor problem to become a big security breach. MacArthur Locks & Doors offer repair services and door knob replacement in homes and businesses in the Chevy Chase, MD, area. We blend high-quality craftsmanship with the latest innovations in security. So make sure your home or business is safe and easy to get to. Do not put quality and safety at risk; call MacArthur Locks & Doors today.

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