Commercial Lock Installation Bethesda, MD

Project Description

A local business in Bethesda, MD, worried about recent break-ins, called MacArthur Locks & Doors for help on how to make their exterior doors more secure. When we got there, our locksmith job started right away by carefully checking the locks on the building's doors. This step was very important for figuring out if the exterior doors had vulnerabilities.  Based on our evaluation, we suggested installing double-key door locks on doors most vulnerable to picking. This kind of lock is great for commercial doors made of aluminum because it is secure and easy to use. The client approved our selection, so we went ahead with the commercial lock installation.

How We Did the Commercial Lock Installation

Lock Selection

We picked high-quality double-key door locks that suit the aluminum doors and meet the building's security needs. Moreover, we replaced the lock on the building's most used external door with a keyed pull plate. It offers a strong and comfortable gripping surface that makes it easier for people to open doors.

Installation Process

Our skilled locksmiths carefully put in the new locks on both doors. We took exact measurements and installed the lock carefully to make sure it fitted well into the door. Meanwhile, we secured the pull plate onto the other door.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Once the locks were in place, we repeatedly tested them to double-check that they worked as they should. This step made sure that the new safety measures met our high standards.

Instruction to the Client

We went the extra mile and taught the client how to maintain the new lock system correctly, stressing the importance of keeping track of keys for better security.

Client Feedback

The client was attentive to our service from start to finish. They liked how skilled and knowledgeable our team was. Based on what they said, they felt a lot safer and had a lot more peace of mind about the safety of their building.

MacArthur Locks & Doors helped enhance the security of this client's building. We focused on the door's security feature, which was their major worry. Our all-around approach, which included inspection, installation, and education for the client, made sure that we came up with a solution that was perfect for them.

Why Double Key Door Lock Is Perfect for Aluminum Exterior Doors

Wondering why a double-key door lock is a great option for the aluminum exterior door of your business? Let us break it down in simple terms:

Strong Door, Strong Lock

Aluminum doors are a favorite for businesses because they are strong and look good. But, a sturdy door is only effective if it has a sturdy lock. A double-key door lock is a solid choice for external doors, as it needs a key to open from both the inside and the outside. That means it is tougher for anyone you do not want coming in to get through the door. It is a top pick for commercial locksmiths since it ups the security level of commercial doors.

More Control and Security

But there is more to it than just keeping out intruders. A double-key door lock also gives you more control. You decide who can get in and out since it requires a key for both sides of the door. That means your premises get that extra security, especially for back doors that are not always in plain sight and can be easy targets for intruders.

When you are thinking about putting in new locks at your business, you want to make sure you are getting both good security and control. The double-key door lock hits both of these points, making it a smart choice for businesses that want to keep their space safe and reliable. That is why many commercial locksmiths recommend this type of lock for businesses looking to beef up security, especially at their back doors.

Commercial Locksmith Near Me

Want the best protection for your Bethesda, MD business? Do not wait until it is too late! MacArthur Locks & Doors can help you keep your business safe and going with expert commercial lock installation. Our door lock installation services are the best, whether you want to replace old locks or improve the ones you already have. We know that businesses have specific needs, and we can help you find options that will protect your property. Do not take chances with your safety. Call us today for service!

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