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Commercial Door Repair, DC

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When a local commercial establishment in NW Washington, DC, needed panic hardware repair, we at MacArthur Locks & Doors were able to respond to meet their needs in no time. First, we found that the latch was jammed, making it tough for both customers and staff to open the door. To fix this, we replaced the broken parts and lubricated the mechanisms, ensuring that all parts worked with ease. In addition, we tested the hardware multiple times for maximum reliability. Satisfied with the quick result, the client rejoiced in knowing that the problem was promptly solved.

It can be overwhelming when faced with a problem like a jammed door latch. That is quite true when it is causing you trouble opening your commercial door with a panic device. In our previous blog, we talked about the importance of panic hardware in a business setting. We know it is a life-saving device in an emergency, such as a fire or active shooter incident. However, if panic bars are faulty or broken, it can be more of a hazard than a help. It can compromise security, while the door stays firmly closed when it needs to open. Worst-case scenario, people are trapped inside, making it impossible to get out in time. Any commercial door repair should therefore be done before any safety issues arise.

The Basics of Door Panic Hardware

Panic hardware, sometimes called crash bars or exit devices, are designed for emergencies. When activated, these panic bars allow a person to open the door, usually without a key. Offering various styles and designs, panic hardware grants residential and commercial owners the ultimate assurance of security. Depending on individual needs and door structure, you can choose from three main types of panic devices. Rest assured that each delivers safety through form and function.

Touchpad Style

The universal touchpad style provides immense flexibility when incorporating electrified components. This versatile hardware is common in modern structures. It can accommodate such up-to-date enhancements whether you choose electrified lever trim, electric latch retraction, or delayed egress capability. This sleek and easy-to-use device can be effortlessly affixed to almost any door made of wood or steel. It is an ideal solution for retrofitting outdated panic bars and replacing malfunctioning models.

Crossbar Style

With a captivating minimal silhouette and a timeless vintage appearance, the crossbar style is frequently used for glass doors. Often it is not feasible in electrified applications since space constraints are a limiting factor. Considering the width of the door's vertical stiles is essential when specifying or supplying touchpad or crossbar-style panic hardware.

Recessed Panic Hardware

The recessed panic hardware is designed to be discreet, hidden in the hollow metal door, and requiring a precise cut-out. This low-profile style ensures the hardware will not protrude from the door's surface. Recessed panic hardware is the perfect solution for heavy-traffic areas thanks to its superior impact protection. It seamlessly integrates with the door framework and offers invaluable protection against potential damage.

The Most Frequent Issues With Panic Hardware

Improper installation

When not properly fitted, panic hardware could create more problems than it solves! For example, it can jam or become out of alignment. If the door is not aligned precisely with the panic hardware, it may also prevent the latch from releasing when force is applied. To ensure safety and security, having the proper support and expertise is important when installing this type of hardware. A certified locksmith or security expert can help ensure all components are professionally installed with the right materials and sizes.

Poor maintenance

When due care has not been taken, panic hardware components meant to be reworked or replaced are often neglected. If the wrong parts are used, they can stick out of the device and cause harm. For instance, cover plates and end caps can weaken over time and expose inner mechanisms that can lead to injury. So take time to make sure that every component is regularly maintained. Proactive checks guarantee that your panic hardware is secure and compliant with safety codes and industry standards.

Inappropriate secondary locks

Panic hardware is designed to provide quick and easy escape routes in emergencies. However, if inappropriate locks secure them, they can be rendered useless. For example, due to its design and size, a cylinder mortise lock may not work properly with a vertical rod panic bar. That could result in the lock jamming, making the door difficult to open from the inside. Consult an experienced locksmith to ensure you pick the right lock for panic exit devices.

Commercial Door Repair Washington, DC

Trust the experienced professionals at MacArthur Locks & Doors for all your commercial door repair needs. We specialize in panic hardware installation, repair, maintenance, and commercial locksmith services. With unbeatable customer service, competitive pricing, and free estimates, we are the top choice for any business in Washington, DC. Contact us today and experience first-rate service!

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