Commercial Door Repair Alexandria, VA

Commercial Door Repair Alexandria, VA

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MacArthur Locks & Doors recently had the opportunity to work with a learning center in Alexandria, VA. The building manager flagged an issue with one of their aluminum glass doors. Upon checking, the door had a heavy-duty door closer that was faulty. It caused the door to close too quickly, compromising the safety of those inside. Further inspection revealed that the issue was due to a worn-out spring. That led the door to close improperly and with too much force. But it did not end there. It also created a lot of noise each time the door shut, which could disrupt the learning environment. To fix it, we replaced the faulty door closer with a more appropriate one for the door's weight and size. With some minor adjustments, the door closed smoothly and quietly again. Our team completed the repair in no time, with minimal disruption to the learning center's daily operations. The client thanked us for our prompt and efficient door repair, allowing them to do their business quickly and seamlessly.

Commercial door closers play a critical role in maintaining the safety and security of any commercial building. These closers secure doors, preventing unauthorized access and protecting occupants from outside elements like wind, rain, and noise.

Over time, closers may become faulty, causing doors to close too quickly, slowly, or not at all. Faulty commercial door closers compromise the safety and security of a building and can be a major inconvenience to occupants. In this context, promptly addressing door closer issues ensure building security and accessibility.

What causes faulty commercial door closers?

Several factors can cause faulty commercial door closers. Thus, identifying the cause of a faulty door closer is essential to determine the best course of action for repair or replacement. Here are some common causes:

Wear and tear: Over time, the components of a door closer can wear down, causing the door closer to malfunction or fail altogether.

Lack of maintenance: Failure to perform regular maintenance, such as cleaning and lubrication, can cause the door closer to wear out faster and fail prematurely.

Installation errors: Improper installation of the door closer or using an incorrect closer for the door size and weight can cause the door closer to malfunction.

Overuse: Commercial doors that are frequently used can wear down the door closer, causing it to fail.

Environmental factors: Exposure to harsh weather conditions or other environmental factors can cause the door closer to rust or corrode, affecting its performance.

Impact damage: A door closer can become damaged if the door is slammed into it or if an object hits it.

What are the signs of faulty commercial door closers?

If you are having issues with a commercial door closer, there are several signs to look out for that may indicate the need for repair or replacement. Look out for these warning signs:

Difficulty opening or closing the door: A faulty door closer can make it difficult to open or close the door, requiring excessive force or making it hard to operate.

Door not closing completely: A malfunctioning door closer can result in an incomplete or slow door closure, compromising building security and allowing outside elements to enter.

Door slamming shut: If the door closes too quickly or with too much force, it can slam shut, causing noise and possibly damaging the door or surrounding structure.

Loose or wobbly door: Improper installation or loosening of the door closer over time can cause the door to become unstable or wobbly.

Visible damage to the door closer: If you see visible damage, such as leaking oil, rusting, or missing parts, it may be time to replace it.

Promptly addressing these signs is crucial to prevent potential safety or security hazards. A professional door repair service can diagnose and suggest the best possible solution for the faulty door closer.

Commercial Door Repair Alexandria, VA

Do you need commercial door repair or locksmith services in Alexandria, VA? MacArthur Locks & Doors is a leading commercial door repair service provider serving businesses in the surrounding areas. We provide reliable and professional door repair services to ensure your commercial doors operate smoothly and safely. Our commercial door services include repairing and replacing faulty door closers, hinges, and handles, installing new doors and frames, and general maintenance and inspections. We also offer emergency door repair services to address any urgent issues that may arise.

In addition to commercial door services, we also provide professional commercial locksmith services to help you maintain the security of your business. Our expert locksmiths can assist you with various services, including lock installation, repair, and replacement, access control system installation, and key duplication. Contact us to request a quote or schedule a service appointment. 

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