Combination Lock Installation Arlington, VA

Combination Lock Installation Arlington, VA

Project Description

MacArthur Locks & Doors completed a combination lock installation job at the wooden enclosure gate of this apartment complex in Arlington, VA. The building management wanted a reliable lock to make their premises safer. They have chosen a keyless combination lock because it only needs a single access code, requires no batteries, and is simple to set up. We booked the lock installation right away to address the client’s pressing security needs.

Scope of the Combination Lock Installation


Our commercial locksmith made sure the lock fit the wooden gate perfectly, taking precise measurements and making any needed adjustments.

Programming and Testing

We installed this Simplex combination lock and programmed it with a code chosen by the client. Then, we tested it thoroughly to check if it worked correctly, including checking the entry and egress.

Final Check and Instructions

We did a final inspection to make sure everything was in order. Our locksmith showed the building manager how to use the lock and change codes.

Client’s Reaction

Our client was very happy with our work. There was no problem with installing the lock, even after hours. They liked how easy the lock was to use, its strong security, and low maintenance, making them feel more secure about their property. Our careful work and expertise made this lock installation a big success.

The Benefits of a Keyless Combination Lock for Wooden Gates

Imagine you are a business owner in Arlington, VA, with a beautiful wooden gate protecting your premises. Would it not be great to enhance security while also simplifying access? That is where a mechanical combination lock comes into play. Let us dive into the features and benefits of this keyless wonder:

Keyless Convenience

Say goodbye to the hassle of keys! You do not have to take keys around or worry about losing them when you have a combination lock. Gain entry with just a knowledge of the code.

Enhanced Security

A combination lock allows you to set a unique code that is hard to crack. It provides an extra level of safety, keeping intruders and unauthorized people away.

Easy to Change Codes

Want to update your security settings? With a mechanical combination lock, it is easy to change the code, allowing you to adapt your security measures in no time.

Design That Lasts

The weather-resistant design of these locks makes them great for use on wooden gates outside. No matter the weather, you can count on these locks to be there for you, rain or shine.

No Need for a Battery

Do not worry about batteries dying when you least want them to. It is always possible to open a gate because mechanical combination locks work perfectly without electricity.

Multiple Access

Need to let people in? You can give trusted workers or guests a single, easy-to-remember code that makes it easier for everyone to get in.


With no keys to duplicate or electronic components to maintain, combination locks are a budget-friendly option for securing your property.

For business owners in Arlington, VA, a mechanical combination lock offers a blend of security, convenience, and reliability. It is an ideal solution for keeping your wooden gates secure while making access management a breeze.

Lock Installation Near Me

Want to install a combination lock for your business property in Arlington, VA, to make it safer? We can help you at MacArthur Locks & Doors. Getting locks installed by our professional commercial locksmiths is easy and secures your property so that you can get to it without worries. Our team is ready to install a high-quality combination lock that meets your needs, whether you want to make things safer or easier to get to. Transform your property into a safe and efficient space with our reliable locksmith solutions. Call us today for a free quote!

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