Adding security doors is one of the most effective ways to beef up the security of your home’s front door. Solid and durable, these doors can withstand unauthorized entry and extreme weather conditions. In addition to enhancing security, these doors can add aesthetic appeal to your home. Let us discuss a bit more about security doors and why upgrading your front entry to one is a good idea.

The Anatomy of a Security Door

Doors used in residential applications are typically made of solid wood or fiberglass. However, metal-skinned wood-edged doors are becoming popular among homeowners recently because of their remarkable advantages.

Likewise, security doors are steel doors made strong by employing galvanized steel boards and an assembled multi-lock system. They can come in luxurious, decorative designs to maintain the wooden sentiment in their external appearance or go along the house’s existing windows, fences, or gates.

Two Types of Security Doors

There are two types of security doors. First is the security screen door (also called a storm door) installed over an existing door. They make use of wrought iron and tempered glass or screen back panel. Security screen doors are designed to enhance the security of an existing door. You can customize them to match the aesthetics of your home.

The other type is the security steel door designed to replace an existing one. It appears like a regular wooden or fiberglass door but is actually made from galvanized steel with sturdy side fixings. Like the first type, you can fabricate this door according to any design.

What Are the Benefits of Security Doors?

Here are some reasons why you should use these doors in your home:

Security Doors Are Impact-Resistant and Tamper-Proof

Two out of three illegal entries are made through doors. Therefore, security doors are a dependable deterrent that covers your safety against intruders and criminals. Security tests revealed that standard residential doors fail or delaminate when applied with force. In addition, standard doors are easy to remove and tamper with. On the other hand, security doors use steel or wrought iron for their frame. Thus, making them extremely durable and more secure than standard residential doors.

Security doors also come with heavy-duty multi-lock systems. These doors often have deadbolt locks. As a result, you can only open them by rotating the key and cannot close them by force or shimming. Additionally, they feature non-removable pin hinges that further make attempts of break-in more difficult.

Security and Aesthetics in One Package

Finding the right balance between appearance and performance is not always easy. A security door is a perfect way to add an extra element of protection without forsaking the outward appearance of your home. Its market has various door designs, from modern to industrial to classic.

Every new door comes with wreath hooks, single or double cylinder deadbolt locks, hidden vault pins, and pneumatic door closers. However, you can further accessorize your door by adding things like the transom, sidelights, kickplate, and other upgrades.

Enjoy Practicality and Safety From Security Doors

Older doors are not designed for energy efficiency. However, a new door with a weatherstripping seal can save you money on energy consumption by preventing drafts and air leaks. Moreover, standard wooden doors can crack or warp over time, necessitating door repair service or door replacement services.

Steel doors are heavy-duty doors made to withstand time and brute weather conditions. Because of their durability, these doors require less maintenance. As a result, installing a security door is one of the most cost-effective ways of home security with minimal cash outlay.

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