When is the right time to call a door repair service? Is it when you are planning a home remodeled or someone has broken through the front door?  What about if there are noticeable damages your front door has sustained? If you can relate to any of these reasons, you might be thinking about fixing your door. And that is a smart idea because the front door is your primary protection from the outside world. In all cases, ensure that you quickly address the need for a door repair service so you can review your options. 

Below we have illustrated a few situations that call for a door repair in Washington DC. So please read them carefully. If you find any point that relates to you, do not hesitate to call a professional door repair service.

Common Signs That You Need a Door Repair Service

The Door Makes a Lot of Noise

Loud, squeaky doors are not just a feature of spooky scenes. We have all had problematic doors that make noise when opened or closed. It is a nuisance, for sure. Loud noises generally signal that the door hinge is wearing out. Lack of lubrication or too tight or loose hinges can also contribute to noise. Think of the creaking noise as a cry for attention. Whether it is realignment, repairing a broken hinge, or other minor adjustments, professional door repair Washington DC services can take care of these simple fixes. 

The Door Is Difficult to Close or Open

With constant use, front and room doors become uneven and worn out after a few years. The door itself may fit differently onto the doorway than when it was new. Frequent exposure to moisture, insect damage, or dents from bumps can cause this. Sometimes, the door may not fit into the jamb if the hinges are disconnected. You may find it frustrating to open and lock your door. It is going to be very irritating. That is something that you need to fix immediately. Who wants a door that is a struggle to close or open? So contact a professional repair company when you experience this issue.    

Wooden Door Feels Hollow When You Knock at It

Wood is commonly used for doors. Unfortunately, it is the preferred material of pests like termites and other wood insects. These pests can damage the doors from the inside, even without you noticing them. That could prove dangerous because the door might disintegrate without warning. Anyone, including pets, and nearby objects may get hurt if the wooden door suddenly crashes. To check, knock on your doors a few times to observe the sound. Take immediate action if the wooden door sounds too hollow for its thickness. Then, call a pest control and door repair company in your area.   

You Need a Door Repair Service When the Door Looks Old

A cursory look at your front door could tell you if it is time to replace it. How long ago was this door installed? Was it here before you purchased or rented the home? It is essential to consider the door’s age, as it inevitably deteriorates in quality. Even if it is well maintained, it can still turn flimsy or unstable as the years pass. Replace it or perform an overhaul to make it last another decade or more. With front doors and room doors, proper upkeep is worth the cost.  

Metal Doors Show Signs of Rust and Corrosion

Metal doors provide excellent protection against thieves and extreme weather conditions. However, most metal doors are prone to rust. That may not have happened in the early days when the door was new, but over time it will rust. A rusty front door can ruin the beauty of your home. That is why you should address rust and corrosion problems before the quality of the front door deteriorates. Also, if you plan to sell or rent your home soon, rust on the door will deter potential buyers.

Unlike wooden doors that can be infested with pests, metal doors will not have that problem. However, while metal doors are excellent against thieves and extreme temperatures, they are prone to corrosion. A rusty front door can immediately ruin other people’s impressions of your home. And not only that, but rust can also be a health risk for those who handle it. Therefore, you must address rust and corrosion problems before the entire door gets damaged.

The Paint on the Door Is Peeling

Color is a great way to add personality to your doors, but chipped paint is a big eyesore. Years of exposure to UV rays, floods, and harsh weather conditions all contribute to paint deterioration. Of course, you can always fix this problem by applying a fresh coat to your doors. But how many of us have the time and proper tools to do an excellent job? If you want to save time and avoid screwing up the paint job on your front door, get a professional door repair service to get the task done.

Door Repair Near Me

These are some critical signs that your door needs thorough repair and inspection. You can call Macarthur Locks & Doors if you want to get door repair in Washington. We are available to service your doors and locks at any time. Just give us a call to learn more!

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