Locks are the unavoidable part of a residence as they ensure your house’s security. However, you can never take risks with the locks and their care. If you get locked out of your house, then there is no way you can get in without seeking any professional help. For this reason, it is essential to maintain residential locks properly. In such cases, you can contact our company, MacArthur Locks & Doors, the best residential locksmith in DC.

However, to avoid such situations, let us discuss the importance of maintaining residential locks and how you can maintain them.

Lubricate Your Residential Locks Frequently

Have you heard the saying, “You cannot put lipstick on a pig?” Well, in this case, you can put lipstick on your door lock! All you need is some lubrication. Lubricating your door lock is simple and will keep your door working smoothly

If you talk to any professional locksmith about lock care, they will surely say that lubrication is the key to keeping your residential lock operational. Lubricate them regularly, so the lock does not rust. If it does, then you will not be able to open it.

Lubricating the lock is the best way to reduce friction if you notice that it is becoming hard to open. To get the grease inside the lock, apply it to the key and move it inside. Keep doing this thoroughly every few months. This way, it will never make your lock get choked or rust.

Check The Door And Lock Alignment

In the winter, the lock tends to contract a little, and it becomes harder to move the key around. You can call your trusted residential locksmith in DC or a nearby locality to help you align it.

Keep A Check On Your Deadbolt

For additional security, you may install a deadbolt indoors. Usually, closing the latch of doors requires some extra effort. However, if it is still not closing, you need to check if it is positioned correctly. If it is not working, you can contact us or any professional residential locksmith in DC or nearby.

Keep A Spare Key At Hand

When installing a new set of residential locks, you get at least three duplicate keys for that lock. So what is ideally done is that you keep one with the lock, the second one safe in the house, and the third one you can hide somewhere near your door. Then, if you get locked out of the house, you can use those hidden or spare keys to unlock and move in.

Upgrade Your Residential Locks

The locks might corrode by climatic changes or other factors. For that reason, it is recommended to replace them occasionally because an old lock might get stuck. In such cases, it will become difficult for you to get into the house.

Upgrading your door locks is practical when you live in an area with high crime rates. They can protect you against crimes such as robbery and burglary. Thus, a new and quality lock is one of the most effective ways to secure your valuables.

Locksmith Services From Macarthur Locks & Doors

Some locks are made better than others. The right lock can save you money on maintenance and repairs and increase your home security. The best way to guarantee it is to call a locksmith company. They can check your residential locks and perform your lock care. This way, you can maintain your locks hassle-free. 

If you have locks that are in poor condition, it is most likely that thieves can break into your house. To save yourself from all these hurdles, take complete care of your locks. Call MacArthur Locks & Doors to take care of your door and lock situations.

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