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The Importance of Fire Door Maintenance!

Fire doors are an integral part of a building’s defense against a fire outbreak. As a passive fire protection system component, fire doors are essential for public buildings, offices, and factories. However, no fire door can save you from a blaze if it does not work properly. Since a fire breakout is unpredictable, it is essential to ensure that your fire doors can serve their intended purpose — to protect lives.

Fire doors are different from standard doors

Fire doors are made of slow-to-burn materials, such as flax board or wood composite, and can withstand fire spread for at least 30 minutes. The components of a fire door, such as hinges, handles, and panels, all conform to safety standards. Combined with special seals fitted into the door frame, fire doors can contain fire and smoke to give people enough breathing room while exiting the building.

When put strategically throughout the building, fire doors can slow down the spread of fire and afford firefighters a significant amount of time to execute their course of action. Some steel fire doors are even known to be able to withstand blaze for up to 4 hours. Aside from saving lives, fire doors can minimize the overall damage to your property.

Fire door maintenance

The quality of door installation services is a critical factor to a fire door’s performance in the event of a fire. However, carrying out regular maintenance is just as essential to ensure that a fire door is always in good working condition. Commercial fire doors and their components are subjected to annual inspections. It is best, though, to have a trained employee perform a monthly or bi-monthly inspection on your fire doors.

If you are apprehensive about performing the door maintenance yourself, you can sign up for regular maintenance service and let the professionals handle the upkeep of your fire doors. Aside from door repair service, regular maintenance is often part of fire door contractors’ services. Retaining the services of a fire door contractor ensures that your doors are compliant with fire door inspection requirements and will pass the mandated annual inspection.

Regular fire door maintenance is crucial

Unfortunately, fire doors are probably the most neglected component of the passive fire protection system. Some facility managers assume that a fire door is functioning properly just because it has no broken or missing parts. However, the hinges, handles, and closing mechanisms of a fire door should all be in perfect working order, or the door will fail during a fire.

Fire doors are designed to self-close after a person passes through them to ensure fire safety. They must remain closed until being used. If the door is wedged or propped open for some reason, fire will instantaneously break through the gap between the door and its frame. Furthermore, some doors make use of unapproved hardware, such as kick-down door stoppers. These are not safe nor fire code compliant.

An ounce of proactive maintenance goes a long way when it comes to your building’s fire protection equipment. In case of a fire breakout, fire doors and components maintained throughout the year will enable a smooth and successful evacuation.

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