Safety should be the first concern for every business owner. Yet, sadly, many forget to consider essential elements like automatic sliding doors. Daily safety checks, emergency procedures, and other minor details can seriously impact the safety of your employees and customers. So given how important safety is for you, here is a smart safety checklist for an automatic sliding door.

Smart Safety Checklist for an Automatic Sliding Door

Having a daily safety checklist is likely just as necessary as having an annual one. Doing daily and annual checks is the best way to guarantee a safe environment in your establishment or workspace. For example, reviewing this daily safety checklist for automatic doors can help you avoid costly door repair servicing and safety incidents.

Check the Door Parts and Hardware

It is imperative to make sure that your automatic sliding door hardware is in good shape before letting people use it. 


Walk up to the door at an average pace. As you step within the five-foot radius, the sensor should activate, and the door swings open at an appropriate speed — not too quickly, but not so slowly, either. The door should slide open smoothly and evenly without slamming into you, banging into the walls, or scraping against the floor. After stepping out of the five-foot radius, the door should remain open for at least 1.5 seconds before it slides closed.

Safety beam sensor

Some sliding doors have a safety beam sensor or light barrier for added safety. When the safety beam sensor detects an obstacle, it stops the door from closing, preventing people or objects in between the sliding doors from being clamped. To test it, standstill between the sensor’s light path. The door should remain open. Ensure that the safety beam sensors are wired into the system and the presence sensor detection time is set to 60 seconds.

Closing Speed

Automatic sliding doors have sensors that detect whether people or obstructions are in the way. When there are none, the doors close after a delay. Closing times for automatic doors vary depending on the dimensions and weight of the door. In general, sliding doors should remain open a minimum of 1.5 seconds after loss of detection. The ideal closing rate is no faster than one foot per second, slowing down to two feet per second before fully closing. 

Check the Area Around the Door

Be sure to check the general area surrounding your automatic door.


Mats are usually put at the sliding door entrance to prevent dirt and mud from being tracked through the door. Typically, mats have a 5-inch space on either side and are the same width as the door opening. Make sure the door swings smoothly without getting caught or impacted by the mat. The door should take at least 1.5 seconds before it begins to close after you step off the mat.


Check if there is enough empty space next to the opening to accommodate the door as it slides open. Get rid of any obstacles, such as boxes, chairs, signs, or other obstructions that could interfere with the automatic door. Keep off any debris from the floor guides that might prevent the door from sliding. See if the door has no tripping or slipping hazards and if all door panels have no broken or cut glass.

Regular Maintenance Is Key

Regular maintenance of your sliding doors is not just best practice and a smart idea; it is also something your company is legally obligated to do. As with any machine, regular maintenance helps make your automatic sliding door last a long time. Furthermore, regularly inspecting the mechanism can spot hidden problems and fix them before the door malfunctions.

A certified service company must inspect automatic sliding doors for maintenance on a six-monthly basis. Typically, quotes and orders for new automatic doors include the first year of maintenance. You should find recommendations for the upkeep after that in the manual provided with the doors. Hence, a qualified professional should perform the preventive maintenance.

Professional Automatic Door Service in Washington DC

Why should you not do the maintenance yourself? As much as you want to save on the cost, you may not have the proper equipment or training to complete a proper safety check. And that is where we come in. Let MacArthur Locks & Doors carry out the regular maintenance of all your property’s automatic sliding doors. We are a top choice for door repair in Washington DC. With our safety checklist, you can rest assured that your doors meet all relevant safety standards. 

Never take automated sliding doors without thinking about how to operate them safely. Ensure that yours are safe and operating effectively without endangering users. Call us right now to get things started.

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