Sometimes, when something gets broken, we assume we need to replace it instead of repairing it. However, upon closer review, there are times when it is more cost-efficient to repair than replace something broken. Usually, a door repair can be a quicker and more affordable option for your home. For example, when a sliding door becomes more challenging to open, this does not mean you have to replace the entire door. Instead, repairing a sliding door could be a better option and more cost-efficient than replacing the whole door. When you run into this issue, you can always call for a door repair Washington DC expert.

Frequent Issues with Sliding Doors

There are a few issues that are common with sliding doors. So here they are, and when you should consider getting them repaired.

Bent or Broken Track

Your sliding door operates on a track, and this track can get bent or broken. Thus, restricting your door from opening and closing properly. Unfortunately, a bent track can also make your door coming off it. The best solution is to hire an experienced door repair company to repair a damaged track. 

Dirty Rollers or Broken Rollers

The rollers on the sliding door allow the door to move along the track. If your door is not sliding smoothly, there is a chance that the rollers on the door are dirty or broken. Likewise, if your rollers are not working properly, it will make your door hard to open and close. So have the door evaluated by a professional door repair technician.

Rollers Are Offline

The most common issue with your sliding door is that the rollers are offline and need adjustment. A professional door repair service can get your rollers repaired, replaced, or adjusted in no time.

Broken Glass

Broken glass can also be a safety and security concern as it can cause injury and additional damage. You also do not want to leave your home open to weather elements and safety problems. However, if you hire a reliable door repair company, they can get your sliding glass door repaired quickly.

As you see, a few issues can happen with your sliding door. However, if you call a door repair expert, they can help get your door up and working again in no time.

The Common Repairs on Your Sliding Door

A professional door repair company can fix many issues with a sliding door. Their repair trucks typically carry parts to fix the following problems.

Sliding Door Roller Repair

A door repair technician can repair and replace the rollers on a sliding door. Sometimes they need only to adjust the rollers, but they may need to replace them in most instances. Once the new rollers are installed, the technician will adjust their settings so that your door operates properly and open and closes smoothly.

Sliding Door Track Repair

Another common issue with sliding doors is a bent or broken track. A door repair expert can evaluate a problem with your door and make the right recommendation. Replacing a broken track is a common repair for a door repair technician. Surprisingly, they can remove the old track and replace it with a new track in a short amount of time.

Sliding Door Window Repair

Broken glass can be very hazardous. Most door repair companies can also replace the glass for a sliding door, whether it be a single-pane or double-pane glass door. Their trucks are designed to replace glass to fix any sliding door.

Door Repair Near Me

At MacArthur Locks & Doors, we have what it takes to get your door up and run like new. Our team carries many different rollers to repair your door immediately. We also have the expertise to repair standard sliding glass doors, impact sliding doors, sliding closet doors, pocket doors, and more. Equipped with all the required tools and knowledge, we can repair all types of doors and help keep them in excellent condition. 

If you have trouble with your door security, we can provide a locksmith Washington DC expert. Plus, we can provide you with a free estimate of the cost of repairing or replacing your door. You can even book a convenient time for a repair service. What is more? You can ask our friendly technician for tips on maintaining your door so that it lasts for a long time. So give us a call today, and we will help you get started.

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