You have heard of it — a single key that can open your home’s front door, your gate, and even your garage. A key that opens two or more unique locks is called a master key. While each lock is operated by its separate key, a master key can open multiple locks. Primarily used for business security, master keys are also a perfect lock solution for realtors and landlords who own multiple properties.

Meanwhile, this versatile technology is becoming a popular lock solution for many homeowners. This key system can effectively boost your home’s security and give you access to all of your doors. That includes cabinets and drawers, without the hassle of keeping too many keys. The good news is that it is an affordable security solution with many advantages.

What Is a Master Key System?

A master key system consists of different levels of keys that will allow you to have complete or restricted access to different doors. With this system, you can designate specific keys to open a certain number of doors. In a commercial setting, there are multiple levels of master keys depending on the authority level of the key holder. You will only need a master key for your home, which unlocks all the other locks in your system.

How Does a Master Key System Work?

Standard cylindrical locks have two sets of pins — key pins (bottom) and driver pins (top). When you insert a key into the lock, the ridges on the key touch the key pins so they slightly raise. The driver pins (located above the key pins) also rise when the key ridges push the key pins. With the right key, these two sets of pins will align the shear line in the middle. Finally, the lock will open when you twist the key.

A master key makes use of a third pin called a master pin or master wafer. They are placed between the key pins and the driver pins to create a second shear line. With two shear lines, you can open a lock by two unique keys with different ridges.

The Master Key Systems for Homeowners

Homeowners use master keys for many different purposes. For example, a homeowner will have a different key for their front gate so that a gardener can access the property. Suppose the gardener can only get into the yard. Meanwhile, the homeowner with a master key can open both their front gate and the front door of their home. Another example is a home used for an Airbnb rental on a part-time basis. The homeowner can lock valuable property in a closet or a secured room that guests cannot access using standard keys. Whereas the homeowner, with the master key, will be able to access every lock in the house.

What Are the Benefits of a Home Master Key System?


Without a doubt, keeping track of multiple keys is bothersome. Not to mention that many homeowners tend to forget where they place their keys when they need them. Of course, you would not want to lose precious time fumbling through a bunch of keys in an emergency. Such a key allows you to minimize the number of keys you need for home doors. Thus, eliminate the stress of finding which key is for which lock and helps you access your home’s doors as quickly as possible.


Master keys and locks are some of the sturdiest and most reliable door lock systems on the market. Their custom-made design and high-quality construction make high-security master locks difficult to pick or manipulate. Master locks, however, are designed with restricted keyway technology, making copying of your unique key nearly impossible. On the other hand, duplicating the original key is easy with standard home security locks.

Serialized Tracking

The individual keys in a master key system have unique serial numbers, making them trackable. That means you can identify which family member has a copy of which key and track every key in case any has been misplaced or lost.

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