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How to Secure Your Sliding Glass Doors

The majority of homeowners do not consider door security until it is too late. Installing a security system or deadbolt on your front door is fantastic, but what about the rest of your home’s entrances? For example, the sliding glass door in your patio, backyard, or side area can provide a point of entry for criminals. Does your house have sliding glass doors? If this is the case, it is critical to take steps to secure them as they could be a security risk. In this blog post, let us talk about the different ways of securing sliding glass doors.

Apply a shatterproof film to the glass

Applying a shatterproof film to the glass is a standard solution to make sliding glass doors more secure against break-ins. Transparent or tinted shatterproof films do not just block harmful sunlight, but they are a cost-effective solution that will make the glass more difficult to break. If you live where hurricanes frequently occur, putting a shatterproof coating on a sliding glass door is also a good idea. Many door installation companies offer impact-resistant sliding glass doors that can provide the same performance as shatterproof film. Some even offer hurricane-proof sliding glass doors that can withstand being flung at high speeds with complex objects. If you are on a tight budget, the shatterproof film is the more cost-effective of the two options.

Put security bars into the track of the glass door.

One way to secure a sliding glass door from intruders is to prevent it from sliding, which is the job that security bars do. Security bars are generally just straight pieces of metal or wood placed in the tracks of a sliding glass door to keep the door locked in place. The bar uses a pressure mounting mechanism (like some shower curtain rods), adjusts to the width of a sliding door, and locks firmly in place, providing additional security against intruders. One variation of the security bar is the Charley bar. Instead of in the track, Charley bars are mounted higher up the door and drilled with screws on at least one end, allowing the bar to swing in and out of place readily.

Install your sliding glass door with smart sensors

Consider installing smart sensors if you want to take your sliding glass door security to the next level. Intruders will be detected by these sensors, which will sound an alarm or send a notification to your phone. Another option is glass break detectors, which can be mounted directly on the door and activated if the glass is broken. They are not ideal for keeping your doors shut, but they are excellent for alerting you when your doors have been compromised.

Install your sliding glass door with a robust sliding glass door lock

A sliding door lock is the most secure solution to secure your sliding door. These locks are put where the stationary glass and sliding glass doors meet at the top of your door. These locks function in conjunction with the door locks and can only be unlocked by an adult or a youngster of sufficient height. In addition, they make it hard to jimmy the door open from the inside or the outside. Most of these locks have two locking positions: one that locks the door entirely shut and another that allows you to lock it open 3 or 6 inches to allow for ventilation.

Sliding glass door solutions from MacArthur Locks & Doors

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