Homeowners tend to give more attention to their front door than the back door. The front door is the one that is visible to onlookers, so, understandably, it receives much consideration. However, you should also consider the quality and security of your backdoor. According to statistics, burglars are more likely to use the back door instead of the front door when attempting a break-in, with thieves gaining access to properties through the back door in 22% of all cases.

If you want to improve the security of your home, you should pay attention to how secure your backdoor is. Lack of awareness of safety precautions will make it easy for criminals to break into your home. You can enhance your backdoor security with a few simple tips.

Use longer screws on the strike plate

Change the screws on your door’s strike plate into something much stronger to make it harder for intruders to kick in. Many homeowners do not know that most contractors install strike plates using standard half-inch-long screws, which can come out with just one kick by a burglar. Instead, door installation service professionals recommend installing the strike plate with 3- or 4-inch long screws. This way, your door is screwed all the way through the door frame into the framing of the house.

Replace your short strike plate with a longer one

If you want your door to be as secure as possible, consider changing its strike plate into a longer one. Go for a door strike that combines the standard latch and deadbolt strike plates into one. Longer door strike plates like this come with holes for nine 3-inch long screws that allow for a strong hold, which helps prevent kick-ins. Unless someone kicks your back door for hours, they are not going to break through that kind of defense.

Use longer door hinge screws

Contractors typically use ¾-inch screws on the hinges of exterior doors, making them less sturdy. However, these screws will fall out over time with the door’s everyday use. Experts in door repair service advise having longer screws on door hinges to help the door grab more into the door jamb. Using 3- or 4-inch long screws on hinges in both the door and the door frame will secure the hinges firmly into the door and together with the wooden studs framing. Likewise, hinges that are firmly attached will strengthen the door, making it much harder to kick in.

Choose a backdoor of solid material

The material of your door is an integral factor in how much security it can provide. It becomes harder to kick in with force if your backdoor has a solid core. Most wood doors look solid outside but are actually hollow inside, offering little resistance to forceful impacts. Meanwhile, your best options are steel and solid wood doors that will not shatter or bend easily. Although they cost more, safety is much more important than cost when it comes to securing your home. 

Install your backdoor with a single-sided deadbolt

Your back door being impervious to blunt forces does not matter if intruders can pick or bump your door lock. If you want to go the extra mile to ensure your back door is secured, install it with a one-sided deadbolt that can only be opened from the inside. Locks like these do not have a keyhole outside, making them completely impossible to pick or bump.

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