Commercial doors are the most frequently used part of a business establishment, making them prone to wear and tear and potential damage. When your commercial door is experiencing problems, it could mean lost revenue and business interruption — as well as potential security issues. So when you need a reliable commercial door repair company to step in, how do you know who to trust? MacArthur Locks & Doors have listed some valuable tips to make the process easier.

How to Find the Best Commercial Door Repair Company

Establish Your Repair Needs

Commercial doors can have a lot going on, from warped doors to rusty hinges to damaged lock mechanisms. So before you begin your hunt for a commercial door repair Washington DC company, take the time necessary to ascertain your repair needs. Doing this first step will allow you to at least describe what is wrong with your door so the door technician can come up with the right solution.

Ask for Referrals

Who can you ask for referrals? One of the best ways to find a good commercial door repair company is through someone who has used their services before. Past clients are an excellent source of unbiased recommendations. Ask friends, family members, and co-workers who have had a type of door repair work in the past and see if they can recommend anyone. You can also visit online forums and service review websites to read testimonials of past customers.

Determine the Company’s Reputation

When looking for a reputable commercial door service, it is important to know how to spot the good ones from the bad. First, check how long they have been around and how many reviews they have gotten over the years. You can also check a company’s reputation through independent platforms such as Yelp and Angie’s List. Next, check their Facebook and Google profile pages. These websites let you see what reviews others have left about businesses. Finally, you can turn to the Better Business Bureau for complaints against the commercial door repair company of your choice.

Consider a Commercial Door Repair Company That Services Your Area

Since more and more customers are looking for repair services online, you might think that being an “online” company is completely acceptable. However, hiring a door repair company that services your area is important for several reasons. During emergencies, it is much easier to find a company that operates in your area over one that strictly operates online. It also helps protect you against scams. That does not mean you have to hire a company with a fancy office. Just be wary of companies that do not list a service area.

Look for a Company With the Most Experience

Choose a company with a team of technicians with experience in every type of door, residential and commercial. For example, commercial doors come in different materials, gauges, hinges, and lock mechanisms. Also, a seasoned door company will have the expertise to make repairs quickly, efficiently, and correctly the first time. You would not want to spend money on repairs that will have to be done again after a while.

Questions to Ask a Commercial Door Repair Company

You can build up trust in a repair company by asking questions and getting the answers you need. For example, ask about their rates, return policy, warranties, and turnaround time. Do they respond to emergency repair calls? Are they busy on certain days? How do they handle maintenance requests and repeat work? Asking these questions will help you find a good door repair company that will do a good job.

Commercial Door Repair Near Me

Few things are more frustrating than being without a functioning commercial door. So, whether your door is sticking, does not close, or wants a new look for your front door, you can find a commercial door repair company to help with all your needs. If you need commercial door replacement or repair service, turn to MacArthur Locks & Doors. We are a local commercial door installation Washington DC company. Call us and let our quality services speak for themselves.

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