The aesthetics of a front door is particularly important for residential and commercial properties. It is one of the factors that gives visitors and prospective customers a good impression of the property. Moreover, it ensures proper safety and security for a home or business. A common problem with front doors is that it becomes difficult to close properly. If this is the case, then the security of the building is compromised. Also, it gives the wrong impression to visitors.

However, the problem becomes more significant if there is only one entry and exit point to the property.  Therefore, hiring a professional door installation company for door repair services is essential to resolve the issue quickly. In this blog, you will learn why doors do not close properly and how you can fix them. 

Why Does Your Front Door Not Close Correctly?

From simple obstructions to poor door installation, various factors cause a door not to close as expected. While you can easily resolved some problems with door closure repair services, others might require a complete door replacement. Hence, our door experts from MacArthur Locks & Doors listed below a few reasons that make it difficult for a door to close correctly. 

Door obstructions

Sometimes, even a small obstruction on the lock or strike plate may not allow the door to close completely. That is one of the most common reasons that prevents a door from closing properly. Likewise, even the accumulation of debris or dust on the frames will prevent a door from closing correctly. When you cannot close the door, the first thing to do is a thorough check around the door to find any obstruction. 

Expansion of wood

Wooden doors expand and contract depending on the weather conditions. Sometimes internal humidity in the door may cause the expansion. If you have installed wooden doors, you should check if their size has changed. Hiring a professional door installation company for door repair services can resolve the problem easily.

Loose hinges on your front door

If the hinges are not installed correctly, they will not line up properly within the frame. You should select the hinges based on the thickness and width of the door. Ensure that they are tightly screwed in for a door’s smooth opening and closing. Sometimes the hinges may get worn out or bent, making it difficult to close the door properly. 

Why Is It a Smart Choice to Hire a Pro?

Whether it is repairing or replacing the front door, hiring a professional door installation service is highly recommended. If the installation is done in a shabby way, it can put a home or property’s safety at risk. Here are the various advantages of hiring a professional door installation company for door repair services.  

It saves time

If you are unfamiliar with this repair job, it will take quite a lot of time to fix the door’s issue. The door needs to be hung properly, and it should be done to ensure that there are no gaps or air leaks. Apart from the functional aspects, it should be visually perfect as well. Whether it is a door frame repair or a complete replacement, a professional door installation service can quickly fix it. It saves you time and energy while you can be assured of a safe and clean repair. 

Ensure proper security on your front door

The front door is of prime importance when it comes to the safety and security of a property. When professional technicians install it, you can be sure that the job is done right. If you have any security concerns, you can work with the door installation company to upgrade any features. 

Proper insulation

It is important to ensure that the front door fits in perfectly. If it is not installed correctly, you may not be able to reap the full benefits of the heating or cooling technology inside a home or building. Moreover, hiring professionals for door replacement services means that you will get the insulation benefits of a properly installed door.

Tools and techniques

When you try to fix a door issue yourself, you may need to spend extra on expensive tools. Without the right tools, it is challenging to resolve door issues correctly. A door installation company will have the most updated tools and technical know-how to quickly and efficiently resolve problems with a door.

What Do Repairs on Your Front Door Cover?

A professional door installation company will be able to diagnose an issue and find the right solution for doors that do not close properly. Here are some of the common ways by which they fix door issues. 

  • Sanding – If the door sticks or swells, the repairman can easily fix it by sanding or varnishing. If the door is sagging, it may require sanding on the lower or upper part. 
  • Repair work – From screw adjustments to replacing latches, there are many simple ways to fix a door issue, depending on the door type.  
  • Weather-stripping – Sometimes, a door not hung properly may cause air to come inside. Instead of replacing the door, you can fix it by installing door weather-stripping. 
  • Door replacement – If you cannot repair a door and the frame is in good shape, a simple door replacement can be done. 

Door Repair Near Me

Many reasons can cause a door from closing properly. Though many people think it is a DIY task, hiring a reliable, professional door installation company is always the best. Does the front door of your home or office have issues? Do not worry! We have highly skilled and trained technicians for door repair services. Since we are a full-service provider, we are well-equipped to handle door closure repair and door replacement services. Plus, our technicians are highly trained to provide door installation services. So call MacArthur Locks & Doors today to learn more about our door and lock services! 

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