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Residential Door Replacement/Repair Service

Residential Door Replacement/Repair Service

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Residential Door Replacement/Repair Service

When thinking about purchasing a new door and having it installed, feel free to contact MacArthur Locks & Doors for an estimate. We want our customers to be aware of our professional attitude toward making your home even better with modern and secure doors. We will strive to educate you about our products and installation services.

We know that there are plenty of options to compare when purchasing new doors, but it’s always beneficial to know why one product might be better than the other. MacArthur Locks & Doors wants you to be fully satisfied with the work that we do. When you decide to work with MacArthur Locks & Doors, our team of technicians will go through a detailed installation process to assure that you understand exactly what will be done.

Do you have drafty, worn, or substandard doors at home? Then you'll need to find a new one and start residential door replacement. You must first learn about the indicators before making any decisions to have it repaired or replaced. Our team of experts are always available to help. We cater to Washington DC NW and nearby areas.

There's a lot more to it than just randomly selecting a new door for your residential door replacement. Knowing the signs if you need repair or replacement would help a lot in relaying the message to a professional door repair company like MacArthur Locks and Doors.

Signs you need to have residential door repair

Doors are frequently used for many years without being noticed. When they do get noticed, it's usually because they're being considered for a paint job or replacement during a restoration (to match an updated interior). Doors, on the other hand, bring many benefits to your home, and when they stop performing essential functions, it's time to think about whether you should keep them or replace them.

Here are four indicators that it's time to undergo residential door repair.

  • They aren't soundproof. A front door's primary function is to effectively block – or at the very least greatly lessen – noise. If you reside on a busy street or in a high-traffic neighborhood, this is especially true. It may be time to replace your front door if it isn't keeping outside noise to a minimum.
  • You see drafts coming in from the bottom of the door. The air coming in via the bottom of the door may affect the general environment of your home. It's also a clue that your doors aren't as energy efficient as they should be. In the winter, newer model doors can help your home retain warm air inside and hot air outside during the summer. Better to have a residential door repair before deciding to have a residential door replacement.
  • There is water near the door when it rains. Make a note of when water seeps through beneath the front door; this could indicate that the house has structural difficulties. The biggest issue with a leaking front door is the risk of the wood frame around the door rotting, which could necessitate a complete residential door replacement.
  • The locks, knobs, and hinges are all broken. If your door is outdated and needs residential door repair to the locks, handles, or hinges, it may be worth considering replacing it, especially because the benefits of a newer door model might far outweigh the costs of regular repair and ineffective insulation.

These four pointers can assist you recognize when your home's door needs to be repaired or replaced. Call MacArthur Locks & Doors for assistance with a residential door replacement - we can help you determine what style of door would be ideal for your home and handle the installation.

The existence of a contemporary and powerful door system is the most significant factor in determining the safety and security of your residence or business. There are, however, a number of circumstances that can jeopardize the safety of your home and those who live there.

MacArthur Locks & Doors services can help you with this because we can fix broken doors and frames, change locks, replace doors, and improve their security. Our personnel are well-trained to handle any circumstance and are dedicated to providing you with the best services possible.

Experts at MacArthur Locks & Doors make a serious effort to replace all broken parts, such as door closers, hinges, and pivots. However, if the door has merely aged and gotten weak due to exposure to harsh weather, the pros will thoroughly inspect it and advise on the best course of action.

Give us a call at (202) 760-4589 to learn more about our residential door repair and residential door replacement services, and to get an estimate the next time you're confused whether to repair or replace your door. We serve Washington DC NW, and neighboring areas.

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