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Residential Door Repair/Security Locks

Residential Door Repair/Security Locks

Project Description

MacArthur Locks & Doors had a lock replacement and security lock project in Washington DC NW. The homeowner called for a locksmith as they wanted to upgrade their locks to new security locks. We quickly responded to their request for a locksmith Washington DC NW as the homeowner was looking for a residential locksmith. We were able to replace all the exterior locks with new security locks.

Getting to Know Security Locks

Most security locks have unique designs or characteristics that make them more resistant to forced access. The ability to send e-keys via an app, presence detection, smartphone-friendly lock systems, and improved security are all advantages of having electronic security locks at home.

Smart locks can be integrated into your existing system or replaced entirely. Another benefit is that your smart lock recognizes you, which is useful for the crippled or old. Because you can secure your home remotely, you don't need to hide a key outside. Another benefit is that you may add or remove e-keys as needed, and you have quick access to a reliable residential door repair company to update pins or other security components.

Many features are included in the design of most high-security locks to improve security. Several of these qualities are required in order to receive various security ratings. If you decide on lock replacement at home, be sure the security locks you purchase meet the following criteria.

Restrictive Keyways - To keep robbers from picking the lock, restrictive keyway locks have complex and paracentric keyways that make it difficult to insert and maneuver tools inside the lock.

Key Differs - To discourage cross keying, high-end security locks have traditionally provided various fundamental and technical variances. Only the key that was programmed into the lock will open it. This will prevent the use of multiple types of keys to unlock the same lock.

Manipulation Resistant Components - Most high-security locks have specially designed components to withstand lockpicking and decoding attempts. In pin-tumbler locks, the security pins are the most secure anti-manipulation elements. Other types of locks have components designed to withstand key bumping, which is another useful feature for increasing home or business security.

Destructive/Forced Entrance Resistance - Steel rods, hardened materials, and ball bearings are just a few of the qualities that security locks use to make them sturdy and highly resistant to destructive entry methods.

Superior Manufacturing Standards - These locks are of higher quality to prevent thieves from manipulating the lock system. Increased tolerances also help to the safe lock's endurance and lifetime. These locks, in other words, are more secure and will last longer!

Key Control - A key control system can regulate the distribution, production, and cutting of keys to significantly strengthen the security of a certain lock. Key bows and warding patterns with patent protection are specialized components of security locks that prevent unauthorized manufacture. Most security lock keys require the presentation of a security card to a locksmith in order for the keys to be duplicated. Duplicating keys of your security locks also necessitates the use of specialized key cutting equipment.

Call MacArthur Locks & Doors for residential door repair services as soon as you need assistance with upgrading your home locks after a break-in, when you wish to improve your lock security, when you get locked out, or when previous tenants move out or new people come in. If you need to update your locks, make sure to contact a skilled residential locksmith. An experienced locksmith can help with a residential door repair service or upgrading locks with security locks to secure your home.

For all of your lock and door security needs, MacArthur Locks & Doors is the name you can trust! For commercial locksmiths and auto locksmiths services, we also offer rekeying services. We also install access control systems and high-security locks in the Washington DC NW and the surrounding areas. Contact us if you need emergency locksmith services. Give us a call at (202) 760-4589 to learn more about our residential door repair services.

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