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Project Description

A client in Arlington, VA, called MacArthur Locks & Doors for a door lock installation project. The job was to replace the faulty lock on their storage room door. Over time, the door lever’s lock became hard to use. We knew how important it was for a storage space to have a working lock to keep things safe. So, we offered them to replace the malfunctioning lever handle to solve the problem.

When we got to the homeowner’s house, our skilled locksmith was ready to do the job. We first took out the old lock, making sure the door stayed intact. After removing the old lock, our locksmith got the door ready for the new lever handle. Not only did it make the storage room safer, but its satin brass finish also gave the door a touch of class. Precisely aligning and holding the new lock in place was necessary for installation. After installing the lock, our locksmith did a full test to make sure it worked and was easy to use. The homeowner felt relieved that their storage room was now safe.

Why a Door Lever Handle Is Best for a Storage Room

Picking the right lock is very important, particularly if you have a storage room. A lever handle, like the one MacArthur Locks & Doors installed in this home in Arlington, has many benefits that make it a smart choice for a storage room.

Better Protection for Your Valuables

The lever handle offers superior protection, one of its best features. The strong design and construction of the lever set make it harder for thieves to pick or break in. We know you care about the safety of your possessions, and a lever handle gives you that peace of mind. With your storage room locked, you can feel safer and more at ease, knowing that your goods, expensive stuff, or sentimental items are safe.

Easy and Comfortable to Use

Another good thing about a door lever handle is its user-friendly design. Those who use the storage rooms a lot will appreciate this feature the most. The ergonomic design of the lever handle makes it easy to hold and use, which is great for people who have trouble turning regular knobs. That is very helpful for older people or those whose hands are not very strong. The smooth working of the lever makes it easy to get to your storage room, which is something our client in Arlington really liked.

Aesthetic Appeal

Besides being functional, a lever handle looks great as well. You can choose between a satin brass or satin chrome finish, from aluminum to bronze to black tones, to make your storage room safer and look better at the same time. In residential settings, where the look and feel of home features affect the overall mood of the house, this is primarily important. A quality lever handle goes with the style of the house’s interior and gives it a touch of class.

To sum up, a door lever handle is a good choice for Arlington residents who want to replace the lock in their storage room—it is secure, easy to use, and looks good. It is an investment that will protect your valuables, make daily use more comfortable, and make your storage area look pleasing to the eye.

Door Lock Installation Near Me

Need a new look and security for your doors? MacArthur Locks & Doors provides top-notch residential locksmith services in the DMV area. Our expert team specializes in seamless lock installation, ensuring your peace of mind with every turn of the key. Whether it is a sleek, modern lever handle for your storage room or a sturdy deadbolt for your front door, we have got you covered. Arlington residents, it is time to enhance your home security with ease and elegance. Contact us today for your door lock installation needs and step into a safer, more secure tomorrow!

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