Commercial Lock Replacement Arlington, VA

Commercial Lock Replacement Arlington, VA

Project Description

MacArthur Locks & Doors just finished a commercial lock replacement for a business in Arlington, VA. This healthcare and diagnostics facility called us to change the lock on their handicap accessible door. The malfunctioning lock on the door had led to various operational issues. Their goal is to give their clients the best service possible, and they believe that starts with having a secure and reliable entry door. 

Scope of the Commercial Lock Replacement

Initial Checks

We started with a full inspection of the door system to find the cause of the broken lock. In order to do this, we checked the electrical parts, mechanical parts, and general condition of the door. Based on what our locksmith found, the problem was caused by a combination of mechanical problems and normal wear and tear.

Selection of Lock

Based on our assessment, we chose the most suitable replacement lock for the door. We considered how well it would work with the current system, how long it would last, what security features it had, and whether it met disability standards.

Lock Installation

We first isolated the door system to prevent accidental activation during the replacement process. Once the door system was safely disconnected, we took off the broken lock. Then, we carefully put in the new lock by following the manufacturer’s instructions and any industry standards that were in place. 

Testing and Calibration

After installing the new lock, we made sure that the automatic door system worked properly. That included trying both the manual and automatic modes of operation and making sure that any sensors or activation mechanisms worked as they should.

Documentation and Compliance

We documented the replacement process, including details of the new lock installed, any adjustments made, and the results of testing and calibration. That made sure the new lock and the handicap door system met the standards and regulations for disabled access.

Importance of Functional Handicap Entry Doors in Commercial Buildings

Timely repair of malfunctioning handicap entry doors in commercial buildings is very important for ensuring accessibility and inclusivity. If your handicap accessible doors do not work or open properly, it can make it very hard for disabled people to enter or leave a place safely and quickly. Prompt repairs show that you are committed to accessibility compliance and the legal obligations outlined in disability rights legislation. Making sure these doors work properly also makes your business a more welcoming place for all customers and visitors. So, ensuring your handicap entry doors are fixed quickly is not only a matter of convenience. It is also a basic way to promote equality and inclusion in business settings.

Commercial Door Lock Replacement Near Me

Are you looking to replace or repair the commercial locks at your Arlington, VA, business to make it ADA-compliant? At MacArthur Locks & Doors, we offer comprehensive commercial lock repairs as part of our commitment to the safety of commercial establishments. We offer premium locksmith service for your lock and door needs, and our expert team is ready to lend a hand. Do not delay. Protect your assets, staff, and clients with us. Contact us for professional locksmith services.

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