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Imagine that you’re organizing a family road vacation; you’ve already packed your stuff and are ready to go. The next thing you notice is that your engine won’t start. Even worse, you or your hired driver has little or no knowledge on how to repair a car if it develops a minor problem, such as a malfunctioning ignition switch. While the engine isn’t the only component that requires regular maintenance, repairing a damaged ignition switch, for example, is the most common problem a car owner could encounter. Unfortunately, many individuals tried to do it independently, creating a more significant problem afterward.

Meanwhile, auto locksmith services are now essential for keeping a vehicle in perfect condition. They assist you in getting back on the road faster when the ignition switch malfunctions or the keys are lost. Not only are they knowledgeable of your car key duplication, but they are also educated in basic auto repairs and can provide helpful recommendations in an emergency. We’ll go through these and more and why you should call them first.

So, what exactly is an ignition switch?

An automotive ignition switch regulates the power source for most electronic gadgets in a car and the starter system. Most ignition switches work by turning a key, although the latest cars use push-button ignitions. The switch’s design enables multiple modes to be selectable, such as accessories, which just powers lighting and entertainment, run, which powers all components, and start, which primarily powers the car’s ignition. In addition, the ignition switch may have security components that prevent the automobile from starting without the correct key or, in the case of push-button ignition, the proper signal being transmitted.

What causes ignition switch failure? 

The ignition switch can fail due to worn contacts, temperature issues, or broken springs, stopping you from starting your vehicle. Moreover, poor ignition switch contacts on the road could cause the engine to shut down while driving, which could be dangerous. 

What are the indicating signs of common ignition failure?

If you find it difficult or impossible to turn the key, or if you try it and nothing happens, you most likely have a malfunctioning ignition switch. The ignition switch and lock cylinder are two of the most often utilized components, and the human aspect of jamming, yanking, jiggling, and rough twisting can only exacerbate the problem.

What is the impact of a defective ignition switch?

Significant. Most drivers, unfortunately, postpone this repair and neglect it. They eventually figure out how to turn and start the automobile by jiggling the key, so the necessary repair is delayed. So instead of paying for a tow, it’s best to find a good mechanic specializing in keys and ignition systems while you still can. Unless components need to be custom ordered, an automobile locksmith can perform most repairs within a day; however, dropping off the car as soon as you notice the problem is a good idea.

Why Call an Auto Locksmith?

People prefer to use a locksmith service since they are easier to reach and can assist you more quickly because they do not require you to fill out all the paperwork that a dealership does. Furthermore, car dealerships can only work with their brand, whereas emergency auto locksmiths can replicate or replace car keys for many brands and models. Car dealerships also charge more for this service, whereas locksmiths do not. Therefore calling an auto locksmith is more cost-effective. You can replace the ignition switch yourself if you want, but it’s not as simple as you think. You’ll have to remove the steering wheel and work near the airbag, which is potentially dangerous. So, if you’re unsure about something, better call a skilled automobile locksmith.

When Should You Reach Us?

Your search for a dependable and quick emergency locksmith service in DC has ended. MacArthur Locks & Doors offers a wide array of solutions depending on your requirements and budget. Whether you’ve locked yourself out of your car or misplaced your keys, our team of technicians is always ready to help. Our locksmiths are highly trained and authorized to fix and resolve lock system issues on various automobile models. We specialize in auto key repair, including remote-controlled locking systems, transponder, ignition, and remote keys.

Before replacing the ignition switch, keep in mind that an authorized locksmith service should thoroughly test it. So, if you have any further problems or are not comfortable replacing the switch yourself, our experienced professionals from MacArthur Locks and Doors can do it for you. Don’t delay. Make a call today to schedule an appointment

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