Many of us have experienced the panic of dealing with a locked car. Whether you are lost and forget your keys or lock yourself out by accident, a car lockout is something you need to handle quickly. Since a car lockout can happen to anyone at any time, it is good to know how to get back into your car. MacArthur Locks & Doors has some tips to help you out of that jam.

What Can You Do to Get Into a Locked Car?

Call 911 for help

Do not put yourself in danger. In a car lockout situation, you can call 911. The police can usually unlock your car door and help you to safety. If they cannot, they will likely call a tow truck. You may have to pay for the towing service, but being safe is worth it.

Request a tow truck

With the help of on-demand tow truck services, finding help with a locked car is not as difficult as it might seem. With the right service, you can find affordable and convenient towing assistance in nearly any town.

A locked car being towed by a tow truck

Get a temporary key

You might be able to find a cheap key from a dealer that will open your car doors but not start the engine. First, however, you will need your car’s identification number and proof of ownership. 

Have a spare key on hand

Have a spare key in your purse, wallet, or safe spot. You can buy a small magnetic box to store your key in and keep it on the underside of your car. Or, leave a spare with someone who could rescue you in an emergency.

Phone a friend

Rather than asking a stranger to assist you with your locked car, call someone close to you. Inform your friends or family members of your situation and location so they can provide comfort or direct assistance. Additionally, your loved ones knowing where you are can be an important safety measure.

Why Call A Locksmith to Handle a Locked Car

There are good reasons why calling a locksmith during a car lockout is the right thing to do.

An auto locksmith is an expert in car lockout service

Auto locksmiths are equipped with the tools and expertise to unlock your car without damaging it. So, do not resort to measures like breaking a window or trying to pick the lock yourself. Instead, call a locksmith who can quickly and easily help you regain access to your car.

Emergency locksmiths are always available

No matter the time, you can depend on an emergency locksmith to be there when you are in need. Whether it is late at night or early in the morning, they will come directly to your location and provide assistance. The comfort of knowing someone will answer your call is immeasurable.

A car locksmith picking the lock of a locked car

A car locksmith gives you assurance and protection

No one wants to lose the key to their car, but it happens. Fortunately, a professional locksmith can work with you to rekey or replace your car key. This way, you will have peace of mind knowing that your car is safe and secure.

Car Locksmith Near Me

Are you dealing with a locked car? It pays to know a reliable car locksmith who can quickly help you get into the car without breaking the car window. MacArthur Locks & Doors is a leading locksmith in Washington, DC. We have been serving the area for years. Our car lockout service is fast, friendly, and affordable. Plus, we are licensed and insured.

Our company commits to providing professional locksmith services, including rekeying, cutting new car keys, and lockpicking. So whether you have locked your keys in your car or need your ignition key replaced, we are here to help. Call us for more details.

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