Is your wooden door frame split or cracked? Then you are not alone. Unfortunately, this problem affects many people at some point in their lives. But what should you do if it does? In this article, we will outline some simple steps for door frame repair

How to Fix a Cracked Wooden Door Frame

Check the wooden door frame for damage

Your first action is to check the door frame, including the jambs, to assess the level of damage. It might seem obvious, but the severity of cracks and splits is not always apparent in many cases. If you are not familiar with cracks and breaks, you may not recognize them for what they are. Start by placing your fingers on the door frame area where there is a split or crack. If you feel and see simple cracks and splits in the wood, you can purchase a repair kit to mend them on your own.

Clear away splinters that protrude from the door frame

If you are confident that the damage is only a crack or split, it is time to check the break and give it a thorough cleaning. First, remove the wood splinters from the crack by shaving them away with a box cutter. Then, with a rag, wipe away dirt, dust, or any large debris, or vacuum up any loose sanding dust left over. Removing any potential obstacles allow for optimal durability. Afterward, you can prepare the fill material and glue before bonding the pieces together.

Apply the wood filler and wood glue of your choice

Wood Glue (White vs. Yellow)

Decide the kind of glue to use. White glue is mainly preferred by many because it is cheap, easy to use, and water-soluble. However, it is not waterproof, so using it on the frame of an exterior door can result in serious leaks.

You can also use yellow wood glue (known as “carpenter’s glue”). It is more potent than white wood glue but harder to use because of its faster set time. When applying the adhesive, put it as deeply into the split as you can, and then secure the two ends with clamps to hold them together while it dries. Leave it overnight or for at least six hours. 

Wood Filler

Wood filler is the finest material for filling cracks rather than sealing them. So you must carefully weigh your options before buying a wood filler. For an interior door, choose a water-based wood filler. You can stain or paint it since it is designed for indoor use. On the other hand, choose a solvent-based wood filler if you are fixing an exterior door frame because it is developed expressly for outdoor use. Again, you have the option to stain or paint them.

Dryness is your cue while filling with filler. Do not fill in anything that appears moist or damp in any way. Avoid the temptation to putty over damp wood since it needs much time to cure before you can move on to the next stage.

wooden door frame

Sand down and repaint the wooden door frame

After the wood glue or filler has dried, you will want to smooth down the areas where it was applied by sanding. You can do it either by hand with sanding paper or with a handheld orbiting sander. Next, apply several coats of spray paint evenly across the area to get a uniform finish. You can also think about priming first for better coverage and color vibrancy.

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