A patio door can be a very attractive addition to any home. This door has many different purposes. First, it is used to connect the interior of your home with the outdoors. It can also give your home a new look as they come in different styles and colors. Whatever purpose you have for a patio door, you should know what to consider before buying one.

What Should I Look For in a Patio Door?

Choosing the right patio door for your needs can be challenging. Here is a brief guide on how to pick the best patio door for your home.

Patio Door Styles

When choosing a style for your patio door, it often comes down to personal preference. Do you want a classic look? Or something more modern? Below are the most popular styles and a brief description of each.

Sliding Type of Door

Sliding patio doors (also called gliding or slider doors) are popular among homeowners. They let in natural light and are easy to maintain. Slider doors have two or more panels, at least one of which slides back and forth on hidden rollers. The panels slide parallel to the wall to not interfere with furniture placement or walking areas. Sliding doors are often used when space is limited because swinging doors need room to swing inward or outward when opened.

A family looking outside from the patio door.

Swinging Patio Doors

In many ways, swinging patio doors, also known as hinged patio doors, usually operate similarly to standard exterior doors. There are two main types of hinged patio doors — the standard doors and the French patio doors. Standard doors are hung in the center, with hinges on either side of a central mullion, and open like butterfly wings. On the other hand, French doors are hinged at the side jambs so that the door panels meet when closed.

Folding Patio Doors

Folding patio doors use an accordion-style system that folds and opens wide, giving you full access to your backyard or patio. They are a great way to let in the fresh air and natural light. The sections slide on an overhead track with leaves ranging from two to eight. Plus, you can customize your door to fit your needs.

Materials That Are Used for Patio Doors


Vinyl, a durable plastic material, can be made to look like more expensive materials. You can also customize it with different colors, exterior frames, tinted glass, and metallic handles on the inside. Patio doors using this material may be the best option for your home as they are a low-maintenance option that will not rot, peel, flake, or corrode. They are also very energy efficient and will not break the bank.


For those on a budget or who prefer strength and durability, a good choice is a door made from steel. These are more energy efficient, less expensive than wood doors, and require less maintenance. However, they may require more upkeep when installed in humid areas.


Patio doors made of aluminum create a sleek and modern feeling. You can have a lot of glass because they have very narrow frames. They are also quite sturdy and require minimal upkeep. However, since they are lighter than their steel counterparts, they dent more easily.

A sliding patio door


Wood patio doors provide a classic and elegant look to any home. Though they may require more upkeep than other materials, scratches and small damages can be easily repaired by any door repair Washington DC expert. However, since wood is a natural material, this door requires constant upkeep to maintain its condition. For instance, moisture in the air can cause the door to warp, and extended exposure to sunlight and heat can cause the color to fade.

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