Car keys are a part of many people’s everyday life. These keys are used for many things—open your car door, pop the trunk, and start the engine. Car keys are far more intricate than anyone can imagine. Have you ever considered how many different types of keys there are? Let us take a closer look at the different kinds of car keys and their pros and cons.

car keysBasic mechanical key

Mechanical keys look like house keys—simple and lack internal technology. Before 1995, most cars had two keys: one for the ignition and doors and another for the trunk. Mechanical keys are simple and inexpensive to replace. Unfortunately, although they have security features, they are easy for criminals to make a copy of.

transponder key

Transponder key

First became available in 1995, transponder keys are car keys with a small electronic chip inside. This chip transmits a signal to the vehicle’s computer. Your car will not start if the sensor receives the wrong signal. Some transponder keys use rolling code technology that sends a new code every time you use the car. The high cost of replacing transponder keys is one of their disadvantages.

car key fob

Key fob

A key fob is a compact device with buttons for unlocking and locking the doors of a car. Traditional key fobs are attached to the car key, but the newer versions (keyless fobs) have replaced the key to start the engine. These keys are safer from traditional forms of theft, but the risk is that hackers could exploit the technology and take your vehicle. 

laser-cut keyLaser-cut key

Laser-cut keys are made using lasers to produce an elaborate design that is difficult to recreate without using the same machine. This design makes them far more complicated to pick than standard keys. The disadvantage of these keys is that they are costly to buy and replace.

switchblade key

Switchblade key

Like a switchblade knife, a switchblade key folds into a key grip and pops open when you press the button. They are a terrific method to save space while protecting your keys from damage. However, they provide little security or technology and are frequently combined with other current designs.

smart car key

Smart key

The smart key communicates with the vehicle through radio waves, detecting and confirming its presence. The door automatically locks or unlocks with a touch of the door handle when the key is within 1.5 meters of the driver’s car. However, replacing these keys can be costly. And you may have to wait for them to arrive from the manufacturer.

valet key

Valet key

These keys can access the doors and engine but not the vehicle’s trunk and glove compartment. They also have extra features, such as limiting the engine speed or the distance the car can travel. The only drawback is that not all vehicles come with valet keys, so you may have to order one from your manufacturer separately.

Master key

Master keys are only used to make duplicates or replacement keys. They are not designed for everyday use. A master key replacement may cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Sometimes, you may need to replace the complete engine management system.

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