Nowadays, there are a lot of options available when it comes to commercial door locks. First, there are automatic door locks, also called electric door locks. They are designed to lock and unlock a door without any human intervention. Automatic door locks are a simple way to help protect your business premises, building, and staff. It is an inexpensive and easily installed security enhancement that can greatly reduce the risk of robbery and theft. However, you never know when an intruder will break into your business or when they might be able to get in. So it is crucial to ensure all your doors are secure.

Automatic door lock systems are among the most efficient ways to protect your business facilities. But understanding the distinctions between the many types of commercial automatic locks and opening systems can be a bit of an undertaking. To help you out, we asked our commercial door Washington DC experts to cover the fundamentals of automatic door lock systems.

Types of Automatic Door Locks

There is no single solution that works for every purpose or application. Hence, this article will highlight the most common automatic door lock systems that may address your needs.

Electric deadbolt door lock

An electric current triggers the locking mechanism of this type of lock. Electronic deadbolts provide an added layer of security without the need to revamp existing hardware, access control, or security system. This type of lock is ideal for high-security doors. Direct-throw, solenoid-driven mortise bolts or right-angle bolts are commonly used with electric deadbolts. Almost all access control systems are, in fact, compatible with this lock. Thus, saving you money by not having to rekey or replace your worn-out manual deadbolts. On top of that, the lock can also prevent unauthorized key duplications.

Electric strike door lock

Electric strike locks are door locks that operate on a 12-volt electric current or higher. A locksmith can set them to fail-safe, fail-secure, or hold-open modes. During a power outage, fail-secure locks ensure that the door remains locked. It is worth noting that both fail-safe and fail-secure devices allow for unrestricted egress from the inside. When electricity is applied to the strike, locks in hold-open mode unlatch and remain unlocked until the door is used and manually closed again. Buzzers are available on some models of this lock to notify users when someone opens the door.

Electromagnetic type of automatic door lock

Magnetic locks, or maglocks, consist of an armature plate attached to the door and an electromagnet plate attached to the door frame, which automatically locks a door as it shuts. The electromagnet device attaches to the armature plate when electric currents travel through it, keeping the door locked. On the other hand, it is possible to get around an electromagnetic lock by cutting its power supply. Maglocks also contain no interconnecting components, so a commercial locksmith may not recommend them for high-security environments.

Magnetic shear door lock

If you value both aesthetics and reliability, magnetic shear locks are a good option. This type of lock works with aluminum, wood, and armor-plated glass doors and can be installed vertically or horizontally. Magnetic shear locks lock a door as soon as you close or release them. That is why they are excellent for double-swinging doors.

Wireless or remote automatic door locks

Anyone with a wireless or remote type of automatic door lock can open it remotely using smartphones, tablets, or other Internet-enabled devices. This type of lock allows users to program doors to lock automatically at predetermined intervals. You can use these program buttons on your security system’s interface to entirely control entry to your home when you are not around. Furthermore, some remote automatic locks come with alphanumeric combinations or key fobs.

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