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With so many new technological advancements, there are many options available to incorporate sophisticated security solutions to protect your home or business. Access control systems have become quite common in commercial buildings, apartment buildings, and even homes now. Access control refers to the use of electronic systems to restrict access to a property or a designated area. It allows businesses, apartment building owners, and condominium building associations to decide who can access to certain areas of a property and/or building. Access can be allowed to people by scanning a key card or entering a designated PIN number. 

With proper access control systems in place, it is very easy for businesses to restrict access for employees to the area where confidential records are kept or block public access to certain areas. Not to mention, it is an effective way to prevent burglary attempts. 

If you are contemplating improving the security system at your place, here is everything you need to know about residential and business access control systems

The importance of Access Control Systems 

If you own a business with a significant amount of foot traffic, it is essential to have a level-based advanced security system. Access control systems allow you to restrict physical access to employees to certain areas of a commercial property. If used appropriately, it can add value to the business in multiple ways. Listed below are a few reasons why access control systems are important for homes and offices.   

  • Enhanced security 

Access control systems let you create a safe and secured work environment. You can replace an old key system and enable easy entry and exit for employees using an access control card system. While it is possible to duplicate keys, it is near impossible to make duplicate key cards. A card system allows you to limit access to high-security rooms to only employees with the proper clearance level. Furthermore, it can help to reduce thefts in the workplace. This applies to apartment buildings, condominium buildings, and homes as well. When you want to restrict access to a home, you can quickly get updates if you install home access control system.

  • Keep track of people who come and go 

For large businesses, it can be challenging to keep track of people who enter and exit a building. And it is difficult to recognize who are employees from those who are not. In such situations, access control systems are the best solution as it enables restricting access depending on their job role. Since the system records the ID or people who come and go, it is also relatively easy to track employees’ work hours. 

  • Compliance with industry standards 

For commercial establishments like pharmacies, healthcare clinics, chemical factories, etc., it is mandatory to follow specific regulations set forward by businesses and local governments. Companies operating in the financial industry are required to keep the information about customers safe and secure. With proper access control systems in place, you can ensure the proper safety and security of data and comply with industry regulations. 

Types of Access Control Systems 

Access control is all about identifying, authenticating, and allowing an individual to access a particular area. There are different types of access control systems, and you need to choose the right one for your business after determining parameters like type of access, employee job function, etc. Here are three major types of access control systems

  • Discretionary Access Control (DAC)

In this type of access control system, the business owner or manager decides who should be given access to a specific area. It gives them control over the property and who has access to different parts of the business. The business owner or manager can set security level settings on an individual basis to manage employee access. 

  • Mandatory Access Control (MAC)  

This offers a higher level of security, and it is ideal for organizations that require better confidentiality and classification of data. It doesn’t permit anyone other than the owner or manager to set the standards. The system administrator will set the security level permissions for each individual depending on their preassigned security level. In the MAC system, the users are classified, and access is given depending on the system’s programming. 

  • Role-based Access Control (RBAC)

In the RBAC system, permissions are granted based on the job role and titles. Here is a good example. Suppose you need to give access to 10 salespeople, 3 mid-level managers, and 2 senior managers. You do not have to create 15 types of individual profiles in the system. You can set three types of entry permissions, and employees get access depending on their job role. 

How can a locksmith help you? 

There are many considerations you should take into account when considering an access control system for your business. These aspects can include the type of security door to the kind of access control a business will need. And it is essential to choose the right type of access control to ensure proper security. An expert locksmith technician with expertise in access control systems can help you make the right decision. 

Hiring a professional locksmith makes the job much easier. It is a complicated process and needs a certified team for installation. With the right technicians to support you, you can get the proper access control installed that fits your business operations.   

Get in touch with us for a Free Consultation 

If you plan to improve your home or office’s security system, then speak to our team at MacArthur Locks & Doors. We are a team of certified locksmiths with professional expertise in many types of security solutions for buildings. We understand the importance of security for a business, and our team can provide the best solutions for your company.  

We provide top-notch service for security lock installation for commercial and residential clients. You can speak to us about a residential access control system for your home. We have also completed many projects for apartment building access control systems.   

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