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Things You Need to Know About Multipoint Locks

There are several door lock solutions available on the market today. A simple locking doorknob, a handle with two locking points, or even smart electronic door locks that you can unlock with your phone–the options are endless. The multipoint locking system is currently gaining popularity among homeowners and businesses. This system uses classic locking technology to meet modern security concerns. If you feel you are ready for this type of locking mechanism, it’s crucial that you know as much as possible about it. In this blog post, we’ll answer some questions about the multipoint locking system to help you decide whether or not it’s the proper one for your home or business.

What is a multipoint locking system?

As the name suggests, a multipoint locking system is a type of door hardware with multiple locking points along the edge of the door. In a standard locking system, a single deadbolt at the center of the door serves as the primary lock. Since the door’s top and bottom parts don’t have integrated locks, the door is more susceptible to a break-in.

The multipoint locking system works the same as standard locks on the inside as the outside. But the biggest difference is that it locks at several points in the door – the top, middle, and bottom. Multipoint locking systems feature three deadbolts instead of one. It would take an intruder more force to break through a door when it is secured at three points, so the added deadbolts contribute to the door’s security.

What types of doors use multipoint locks?

Unfortunately, multipoint locks are not suitable for all types of door material. They can only be used on uPVC and composite doors. Both hinged and sliding doors in these materials can be fitted with multipoint locks, although they would require different mechanisms. Although multipoint door locks are most commonly seen in front entry doors, they can also be installed on other doors such as folding outswing doors and sliding patio doors. A multipoint door lock is especially ideal for securing wide French patio doors.

The door’s manufactured design will also determine whether or not you can install the multipoint lock after fabrication, so you should let your contractor know if you want to have doors with factory-installed multipoint locks. Purchasing doors that have been designed for multipoint locks will save you time and money, as well as protect your door’s warranty, as any changes on the door tend to void warranties.

Do multipoint locks cost more than traditional locks?

Yes. You can expect to pay more for multipoint locks than traditional deadbolts, but the benefits of installing one are still worthwhile. These locks are not only effective at adding security to your home or commercial property, but they are also stylish, especially when used in conjunction with a smart lock.

You can also reap the long-term benefits of having multipoint locks on your doors. Installing multipoint locks can help keep the interior of the room warm, especially in the winter, by tightly holding the door in place and making it airtight. You would realize that a more expensive multipoint lock is well worth the extra cost if you consider the added security and increased energy efficiency it brings.

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