If you own a car, you probably have heard of the immobilizer. Most cars now have some form of immobilizer fitted as standard. But what exactly is this device? Do you need one? This blog may have all of the immobilizer-related information that you need. We will explore everything from how it works to whether you should install one in your car.

What Is an Immobilizer?

An immobilizer technology prevents a car from starting without the proper key. By electronically disabling the ignition system, it prevents the engine from starting. Many newer cars have immobilizers as a standard feature, but you may also have one installed aftermarket.

How Does It Work?

The engine control unit (ECU) is responsible for activating the fuel system in your vehicle. You cannot start the engine without a match between the ECU and your portable smart key. Newer cars include keyless entry or engine start/stop features. With this system, the ECU’s code processor receives a security code from the portable smart key. This code must match for a start/stop feature to be enabled.

A car transponder that works with an immoblizer

The engine immobilizer is a sophisticated anti-theft technology that uses a specially coded transponder or smart key to avoid unauthorized engine start. Transponder keys contain a chip that stores electronic security information. The immobilizer system compares the code on the key’s chip with the one stored in the vehicle’s ECU. Once a match is confirmed, the engine immobilizer will activate the fuel system allowing ignition to function.

Advanced Immobilizer System

Immobilizers have progressed from basic mechanical devices to more advanced electronic systems that roll or change security codes. 

The two security levels commonly present in this system are a permanent code and an additional changeable code. Both security codes must match to start the engine. This system prevents the engine from starting even when someone tries to bypass the ignition circuit. 

Thanks to this sophisticated technology, it is tough to duplicate codes onboard smart keys and ECUs. However, in case of key loss, authorized dealers are the ones who can deactivate the lost key.

Is It Necessary to Have an Immobilizer in Your Car?

Many people are wondering whether it’s really necessary to have an immobilizer in their car. After all, they can be quite expensive, and some people feel they are unnecessary. However, believe us when we say it is a vital safety feature.

Criminals commonly use stolen cars to fund illegal businesses or other crimes. And if your stolen car is among them, you are in big trouble. However, with a car immobilizer, you can avoid these things from happening because it can stop a car from being stolen in the first place. 

An immobilizer sticker for cars

Furthermore, an immobilizer is pretty easy to use! When you exit your car, the immobilizer immediately activates. There is no need to recall any button pressing or anything else; park and lock the car, and the immobilizer will do the rest.

Final Thoughts

An immobilizer may improve the security of our car against theft. Even if your car has a manufacturer’s anti-theft system, it may still be susceptible to electronic theft. An aftermarket immobilizer offers extra protection to your vehicle, making it more difficult for thieves to steal.

If you have questions about aftermarket immobilizers, speak with a car locksmith Washington DC. As for the best immobilizer for your car, call a MacArthur Locks & Doors automotive locksmith.

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